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industriality - small enviro showcase (Download available)

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    industriality - small enviro showcase (Download available)


    Few days ago I made little project: industriality. It's nothing more than my first small enviro demo:

    You may also watch video (sorry for poor fps - I made this on notebook + YT decrease frames;]):


    I hope You like it ;] Cheers!

    //Two guys told me about to less specular. What do you think about it? In fact in the movie specular is almost invisible :/ May You download demo and told me what You think about it?

    Love it Awesome showcase so far ! Only thing, I asked myself how come the rooms have so much light since the light source is rather small ?


      Thanks! Yea, I think there is little to much ambient ;]


        Looks some "blizzard-style".
        But the enviro looks ok.


          Love your work!

          Good atmosphere, clean industrial textures, music, and flyby. Nothing else to say.


            Thanks guys!


              Looks pretty promising and I can see you have a knack for creating atmosphere. I really like the sound track, matches with your vision really well. Here are some things I would do personally, in order to make this environment scene pop.

              - make the material specularity stronger. this doesnt mean to increase the spec power, but instead create really good spec maps with high contrast in photoshop; you may not realize it, but this will work really well for your industrial steamy atmosphere- trust me on this one

              - scrap your lighting rig; right now you have too much ambient lighting and its flattening the lighting of your scene. to get the best lighting for this specific scene, I would delete all your lights; go to World Properties and knock the Diffuse Boost setting to something really, really low; by default it is set to 5.0 in UDK, set it to 1.0

              - start adding in lights; spot lights work best for putting control in the hands of the artist (you!). these lights will be your key lights, turn off lightmass for these lights so they only emit direct light- use these lights to illuminate the player path and hero meshes; anything important- in your case, the path of the camera flythrough.

              - place the key lights so they are perpendicular to the player path with a strong incident angle; this will create the best specular lighting and contrast for your environment and keep your lighting from going flat (which is what your scene suffers from right now).

              - once you are happy with your direct/key lighting rig, start adding fill lights with indirect lighting turned on (Lightmass). introduce these slowly and be very stingy with them; if you over do it, you will flatten out your lighting again and throw all your work down the drain. you should only need a few of these fill lights, particularly for the environment in your video

              - I would also add more meshes with interesting silhouettes and shapes; you can use these to shape the lighting and silhouette of the player path, creating more interesting atmosphere and light vs. shadows; you want to guide the player's eyes at all times, hooking them and pulling them in the direction you want- we refer to this as "bullying the players' eye"; it's a good thing

              - you have no hook in your scene right now; that is, there is nothing interesting, there's no story. how cool would it be if the camera eventually dips down in through some grates, under a bunch of pipes, past an air duct, comes to a small grate with a room visible on the other side and you see something interesting on the floor- maybe a pool of blood with spent shell casings all over the place? or a dead person's hand behind/around the corner of a desk or something? maybe you don't see anything, maybe there is a long spooky industrial corridor and you hear a low growl and see a shadow around a corner of something- but you don't know what the heck that was? there are so many things you can do with this scene, it's limited only by your imagination as an artist

              Go get inspired, go watch movies like Pitch Black, Alien, Pandorum, etc. Don't be afraid to remove your creative barriers and go all out on even the simplest environment scene- have fun with it


                Wow, man thanks a lot for your reply Thank you for the many valuable tips!

                <cool story mode on>
                The story of this project: I was working with small game project in UDK. I was have only few low poly models (not completely - no UV for shadowmaps, no materials), early stage level, bsp materials and some code (my game class and weapon class).

                One day there has been a need to make quick portfolio, so I was finished and placed my models and materials in one small level, added mini flash menu and make a buid ;]
                You may believe or not but I was thinking about improving lights and adding some signs of fight (blood splats, shells) but deadline was chasing me I had to complete this in a given time.
                <cool story mode off>

                So I hope to have more free time in near future to improve this showcase

                My next steps:

                MILESTONE 1:

                - upgrade specular in material with high contast
                - improve lighting
                - add more meshes
                - remove menu bugs

                MILESTONE 2:
                - add some story to level

                Originally posted by jak_carver View Post
                Go get inspired, go watch movies like Pitch Black, Alien, Pandorum, etc.
                Man I love them all, especially Alien series!

                Thanks a lot! Cheers


                  Simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your work with us, i find that your work looks rather professional. Keep it up!


                    Thx so much