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I did it! FINISHED my first game in UDK! All by myself! and on IOS

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    I did it! FINISHED my first game in UDK! All by myself! and on IOS

    I made the game free for rest of day!! hopefully some of your parents get it!

    I did it all myself...even the ****ty voice acting haha

    Here is what it looks like

    Go check it out on

    Or go to app store and give it a whirl! The game is a Co-Op educational game that parents play with their kids and teach them to read. Really fun and novel concept.

    THanks to everyone on the forums! Without you guys I couldn't have done it!


    Looks awesome, well done!


      Thanks man! Did my best. I just wish I could get more parents to give it a try


        Looks awesome... pity I am an Android boy

        Funny thing is that I've been dabbling with UDK in the same vein for my daughter (Kinect + UDK + 3 year old = WIN!).

        Well done!


          Really fantastic idea, looks great!


            It looks good, and it must have taken you a while to make, i might try it out when i have got the time to play it using my iphone, it looks good, thanks for showing us this, it is rather amazing!, keep up the good work.