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CLIMB - Unreal Engine game - 2012

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  • CLIMB - Unreal Engine game - 2012

    Demo with Unreal Engine 3 on PC platform.
    Running at 60fps in 1080p.
    Gameplay: vertical platformer around a cylinder with traps everywhere to stop the progression of the hero.
    Released in June 2012.

    In-game MUSIC: Nixdorux – Hyper Activity


    CLIMB is actually a game that takes place sci-fi world. Picture that In a far future, a brave soldier will have to protect his planet against an invasion from outer space. The invaders drop huge mechanic towers on the planet to dry its resources out. Our hero, half robot and half plant will have to climb on top of one of these towers to destroy its weak spots, the heart. The heart will defends itself throughout the progression of the soldier with traps and puzzles. Our hero will have to use all his skills and everything he has learned and knows to reach as fast as possible the top of the tower. Save his people and save his planet.


    Antoine Galanti : Level designer - Level builder - Environment artist
    Tower - Traps - Events - Kismet - FX

    Coline Turquin : Game Programmer
    Unrealscript Programming - Tools Programming

    Gregory Tuema Kabishi : Character design - Modeling

    Guillaume Provost : Environment artist
    Landscape - Skydome - Vegetation - Lighting - Heart

    Vincent Tirtiat : Animator - Technical Art
    Trailer - Character animations - Roots animation - Main material - Traps - Level design - Sound design

    Effective production time: 3 months.

  • #2
    Like the fusion of plant/machine cycle, as a part of the sci-fi world. Good mechanics and gameplay (on the video) from the bottom all the way the top, and also a nice music choice. Great job guys, looking forward for release the game. Watch out for the spinning blades and stomping machines!


    • #3
      that demo was sick. the music awesome, lighting was awesome, gameplay was awesome.only a small problem, right close to the end after the big climb the camera remained far from the player which is somewhat unusual for platformers.


      • #4
        Thanks for your comments
        This was our project for the end of our studies so there won't be any other game, it was only a demo.
        I'm glad to see you enjoyed it

        For people who wants to play the game, here the exe. That's funnier to play with an Xbox Paddle, but for people who doesn't have any, here is the keyboard keys:

        Enter keyboard / Xbox Start > Start Game
        Space keyboard / Xbox A > Jump
        A & D keyboard / Xbox left joystick > Move
        E keyboard / Xbox X > Plant a seed
        K keyboard / Xbox Select > Restart when playing

        We know there are some bugs, then if you get one of these, just shut down your eyes, and if you're stuck, restart the game. Sorry for that :s

        Have fun !


        • #5
          Great game, Vraiment Magnifique,


          • #6
            this is pretty epic, but idk if everyone remembers an old game from the ps1 called "pandemonium" but this is what reminds me of that.


            • #7
              Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it.
              Yeah, pandemonium and nebulus. We tried to give an old good sensation with this game.

              Antoine G.


              • #8
                Very good concept, very good looking art, music, lighting, everything is very well done, congrats guys!!!

                Planning a mobile version?


                • #9
                  Very impressive. Probably one of best things I've seen made with UDK this year, every component blending nicely with others to create very interesting game
                  By the way, could you please give a tip on how the extending roots were done? Is it an actor with pre-made animation of growth, or something else?


                  • #10
                    Hello, thx for your support!
                    The roots were made using a skeletal mesh skinned by a several bones and guided by an Ik Spline Handle in Maya. Hope it will help


                    • #11
                      nice job man


                      • #12
                        this is what people are supposed to be doing with the unreal engine, not the same ol' fps bullcrap everyone and their mom tries to replicate a billion times. Thank you for further inspiring me and giving me something to compete against. Also, the way the level is built is kinda like a mario game. The halo lasers was actually a shocker, I wasn't expecting them at all. Really great work, and once again, thank you.


                        • #13
                          awesome work here, make an iOS version of this game, some shorter levels and some sort of achievement/levelup system.. something i whould definitly get! really well done, i see alot of work has been done on this project.. congrats!


                          • #14
                            Great work.
                            I love it


                            • #15
                              Very impressive. Nice work!