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Short Prototype - "Time Traveling Cube"

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  • Short Prototype - "Time Traveling Cube"


    I will keep the introduction short as I am bad at this: My name is Gabriel Chirila and I'm currently studying game design at Full Sail University. I've been meaning to post this for a while now, given how I like to lurk around the forums when I'm looking for help.

    This is a small prototype I have made about 2 months ago as an assignment for a course. It took 3 weeks (off and on) to build it from concept to the final version. It's rather barebones in terms of visuals, though that was not my focus for the project; the mechanics behind it are the real stars that I wanted to audition.

    I feel that all the knowledge needed to complete the level (it should take around 5 minutes) is included in the project, so I will let it speak for itself. Here is the download link for the packaged UDK installer:

    Feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

  • #2
    This is a really cool game i only wish it was longer.


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      Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

      I wanted to make it larger in terms of levels / puzzles, though by the time I got the mechanic working the way I wanted it to, I was extremely close to my deadline. At that point, I decided to focus on making it look somewhat pretty.


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        Really good, loved it keep up the exellent work!


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          Nice, I would have loved to see more of this. Also, I'm curious about that story that you have building up. Would be nice to see some visual story elements in addition to logs, if you ever decide to expand this.


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            This game is pretty good. Gladly it is very medium to content some tricks here and nice story log elements. Great work.


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              I normaly don't download clients before having seen screenshots or a video.
              But i did with your little game and i'm glad i did. It's fun and original. I like it


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                Thank you for all the comments! I'm not planning on expanding this small project anytime soon, but I am working on something else as I move forward.