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[Mobile] IMShooter updated to 1.1 (UnrealScript released)

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    [Mobile] IMShooter updated to 1.1 (UnrealScript released)

    IMShooter has just been updated to version 1.1 on the App Store.

    IMShooter is a fun little one man UDK project I did over the last few months. I originally released IMShooter in March, but I felt like it was so bug-ridden it was nearly unplayable. Back then, the game was based only on Kismet, without a single line of code, and all the limitations that came with that really made the game suck.
    So 2 months ago I started learning UnrealScript. As of version 1.1 IMShooter is no longer using Kismet at all - the entire game is being driven by UnrealScript which allowed me to develop the game in the way I had originally intended.

    It still only has a fracture of all the features I had in mind when I started this project but I will continue to improve the game in my spare time.

    Why am I charging for this? Well I'm only working part time at a law firm right now, money is tight and although I don't want to get rich off of this, it would be nice to at least cover some of the cost that the Apple Developer and UDK license cost me. I intend to give back to the community though. I'm planning to release the entire UnrealScript source code of this project once I've gotten around to make it more readable and commented stuff out properly. Right now, feel free to ask how I did certain things, I'll post the relevant code pieces in here.

    IMShooter is intended to be a portfolio piece. I'd describe myself as a 2D/3D (technical) artist. However my portfolio isn't up to date because I spent the last 4 years studying law and I'm having a hard time catching up to land a paid job. Right now, even getting an interview feels like a monumental success. If you happen to have a paid job for me that does not require relocation (several personal reasons for that unfortunately) feel free to send me a message.

    I'd really like to hear what features you would like to see in this game.

    Some promo codes:


    I almost forgot, when I was starting to learn UnrealScript I got myself a copy of Rachel Cordone's book ( ) and I gotta say I would not have picked the language up that quickly without it. I'm a terrible programmer but she has a great way of showing and explaining things so even I would get it.

    IMShooter is now free, it might take a while for that change to propagate to the AppStore.


      Great game! I just finished playing it
      here is some feedback

      if player stays idle at start of match, enemies dont shoot player. (causing player to get high score without ever dying)

      when I get shot it looks like the map is see through a little. like I see lava at bottom of map.

      that's about it, it really looks good! keep it up


        Thanks for your feedback.

        Wow I guess that's what you call developer blindness, I always moved around the map (because I thought everybody would do so as well) and never noticed the enemies don't start firing when you're standing still.

        The deathcamera... not sure how to work around that - which is why I'm not releasing the class code yet. The camera perspective is set on my playercontroller which is destroyed when the pawn dies and the camera reverts back to the default perspective, I'll need to come up with something, maybe a matinee...

        I've also noticed that the Reset Button isn't functional and the "Rage"-Screen is slightly misplaced on iPhone 4 and newer - curse you different aspect ratios and screen sizes!


          If you ever need someone to test your game, let me know. Also I think matinee might work better too. All in all its fun


            If you ever need someone to test your game, let me know. Also I think matinee might work better too. All in all, its fun


              Phew, real life is keeping me really busy at the moment

              As I promised, here is the entire IMS Unrealscript source code, read the included ReadMe.txt for details:

              IMS UnrealScript Source

              I also submitted an update to IMShooter (version 1.1.1) in which most of the (blatant) bugs of version 1.1 are fixed.

              EDIT: Link should be working now.


                Sorry Itunes says its not available in the store