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  • Sunshine

    Hi everyone ,

    I present to you "Sunshine"! A solo project made in under 2.5 months by yours truly, I was under pressure to produce within this timeframe for a senior student show that opened earlier this Friday (4/13/2012) at my university. I must say it was invigorating to make an active experience for people at the gallery show, given that galleries have traditionally been a passive observance-only based experience. It's great to change things up!

    But hey -- you don't have to show up to the gallery to play. For once, the gallery comes to you. You can play the game right now!

    I also figure since I've asked so much from the community in the past, it's about damned time that I gave something back . So here you go.

    For those of you needing some visual proof before you play it (just to be sure it's the genuine article! ), you can see a video and image snapshots here:

    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    - Part 1. Part 2 is on my YT page.

    Just bear in mind that this video has spoilers. Just in case you're having trouble. But before watching, play the game first. :}

    For additional confirmation, you may look at my old WIP thread here.

    Download Link: (~405MB)

    Directional Left & Right Arrow Keys: Left & Right Direction ("W" & "D" keys are also mapped to left and right directions.)
    Enter: Pause / Unpause ("P" key is also mapped to Pause / Unpause.)
    SpaceBar: Jump (LeftControl key is also mapped to the Jump action.)
    Escape: Quits the game and closes the window. You will probably need to use this in the event of bugs or glitches like the "game over glitch" (see below in "Technical Notes").

    * Take your time playing this. This game wasn't designed for the person who tries to consume the game as quickly as possible. If you move too quickly, you may miss out on important clues that are helpful in understanding the game's narrative. Remember: this wasn't made just to be a game, but a work of art that has multiple levels of meaning (I'd use the term "content" here, but the game developer world typically construes "content" as a quantitative term for commodity, whereas the art world uses it as a qualitative term for "meaning plus more").
    * I realize Sunshine has some bugs in it, but this is all the time I have to commit. And despite its imperfect state, I can't make any more changes. I have to finish DataHive (my other video game) before I graduate in May. (Wish me luck!)
    * Comments and constructive criticism are both welcome and appreciated. Please be mindful though -- if you have critiques exclusive to Sunshine (even if they're valid), I likely won't be able to act on them because of time constraints.
    * I know I'm not the best voice actor in the world, but I make due with what's available. Try to make the most of it, neh?
    * It's free to all. Just have fun playing it!

    Technical Notes:
    * My university has a network of computers comprised of hand-me-downs, so that pretty much provided me with a wonderful testing ground opportunity. I've tested this on many computers there at the campus labs and on some of the fine arts machines. It should work reasonably well with any mid to high end computer w/ Windows built within the last three years). I tested these on my campus' Micron PCs, and they were responsive enough, but the framerate is a bit choppy. I also tested these on Mac hardware that ran windows, and it's playable, but the keyboard input has noticeably lagged response time.
    * I have tested this on Windows 7, but not on WinXP. Despite my campus having ancient hardware, the university made the switch to Win7, so I don't know for sure if WinXP can run this game. Maybe one of you who still uses it could let people here know?

    Known Bugs:
    * If you die, sometimes the Scaleform Game Over screen will not get called correctly, or the screen will be called, but the actionscript does not call the unrealscript function that restarts the game. It's usually hit or miss and I can't pinpoint the reason why. (The movie is invoked when Health = 0 in the player pawn's takedamage event. If I'm supposed to do differently, I'd be curious to know how you do it.)
    * Very rarely (and typically occurring on the game's first run), UDK will crash when you pass the hoards of "Sun Eyes" and you see a series of floating islands descending down to a bridge below. (You'll see a second blue duck nearby.) This isn't an issue on my part, it's some kind of a runtime bug with UDK. I don't know what causes it.
    * If you get a message near the boss that says "5 Minute Warning!" that displays at the center of the screen, please don't ask me why that appears. Because honestly I don't know. I've asked about it in the "Reporting Issues" section and have yet to hear back about it.

    Anyways, that's it! Take care

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    Do you have a video I could watch before downloading? I get nervous by downloading blind. lol.
    Good job on finishing a project though. It means your a hard worker and you take game development seriously.


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      Yeah I am with Winwarp. this sounds interesting but show us a screenshot.


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        Oh sorry! It didn't even occur to me to do that. I have updated my first post to reflect a YT video and snapshots. But heed the warning -- the video's longer than 10 minutes and so it has a lot of spoilers. It is also a development snapshot, so doesn't quite accurately reflect the final product. I would only watch maybe the first 2-3 minutes of the clip though because there are /some/ spoilers... and you don't want to start before you've even begun, neh?

        Oh yes. I have updated the first post to include my WIP thread too. I hope this further allays any fears that folks might have.


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          Thanks man! But, you are welcome to use [SHOT] and [VIDEO] tags on editing your first post so people can see the images or a video instead of linking.


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            Done and done.