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The Amazing Adventures of Pierre le Guy!

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  • The Amazing Adventures of Pierre le Guy!

    I originally posted this in the download mirrors section, but it seems like this would be a more proper location.

    Nuclear Noodles, a group of 11 students at Teesside University have just finished our group project.

    It's a small platformer made in UDK, focusing on the use of a grappling hook.
    It's just 20 of 120 marks so don't expect it to be polished and bug free.
    It just doesn't hurt to share, right?

    Video (it's a tad outdated):


    We also have an open facebook groups where we share our personal records, info and updates:

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    Video link is broken


    • #3
      So it is, thanks!



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        Nice video, that game looks like fun! Good work with the level design also.


        • #5
          Damn, that game remind me of old Atari games (gameplay only lol). It look & feel great with a nice audio track !


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            Feels great with the game and the trailer; like the atmosphere, particle effects, gameplay, cool achievements, audio track and the cheese mouse cursor.


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              i recognize UDK assets.


              • #8
                Kind neat, but implausibly difficult to play.

                I could only get through the Road to the Tower level.

                The first two were mostly unbeatable due to loose controls, floating unpredictable jumping, lighting fast platforms, and arbitrary death (just getting near random things kills you without even knowing why).

                The final, tower level, couldn't get out of the start. That grappling hook is pretty useless. I don't really get the point of it. You don't really need it, you can't actually grapple through the levels as stuff is always in the way of a flight path and that pull object right click thing is used maybe once.

                And yes, it was odd seeing all these custom stuff, then a few UDK assets now and then.

                Basically, your levels are moving 90mph, and the character is in slow mo. If you could work out the gamebreakers, you could be on to something here. It's just not accessible.

                I also experienced a lot of camera bugs where it'd zoom out for a large section, then I'd die, and it'd be stuck far out, and couldn't really see what's going on.

                And, audio levels on the courtyard for the music, probably too high.


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                  Oh, one thing I think the tutorial failed to mention, is that the secondary fire on the grapple will not only pull objects towards you, it will also pull you towards static objects. This might have made it a lot easier for you.

                  But yeah, there's not going to be any updates for it I'm afraid. It was simply a group of amateurs coming together and seeing what we could slap together in a limited amount of time.


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                    Your work is amazing, but the name of the group is even cooler keep it up mate!