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Some game environments to think about developing

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  • Some game environments to think about developing

    I do not have the time to develop many games that I want to develop using the Unreal Engine but if anyone has the interest to develop these games then more power to you as the more video game developers there are the more that the technology sector will benefit.

    Everyone probably remembers Gauntlet. I think that if Gauntlet was made using the Unreal Engine it would be intense game play at every level. Im not certain though if the game should be an overhead version keeping true to the original format or should the game be a FPS.

    Although copywritten Gauntlet would not be able to be charged to play but another version created using different types of robots and machines where the team of four could battle through each level could be released to make money from. What would make this game even better would be the ability to have four teams of four each competeing. Each team would start out in a corner of the first level map making their way through the Gauntlet collecting keys, treasure, food, etc. all while destroying the robots massed before them. As each team advances to the next level the screen would represent the level that they were on. One team could actually be three levels into the Gauntlet while the remaining three are still fighting it out in the first Gauntlet.

    Any other ideas?

    Remember that your ideas of imagination may just inspire someone else work so someones seemingly failed game may actually spark life in someone elses game.