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    Hey guys,

    I recently finished this map after 6months of working on it, it's a viking village set somewhere in sweden..It's pretty much finished but any advice / crits on it would be appreaciated!

    10 min video... long I know, but I had a lot to show:

    more screens here:

    very nice ... continued success.
    for a game is the map? each polygon has a total of?


      very nice... best 10 minutes i've spent all day.. What causes the reflection on the water as the camera comes in to shore?


        No less than stunning !

        It is seriously a environment masterpiece. Unique.

        Your attention to details is astonishing. 6 month work, ho ****, I believe you trust me ! Nothing to say more than it's a **** huge WOW in all aspects (not only visuals).

        10 mins that worth it. "Nice" isn't appropriate for such a piece of level editing, awesome is the bare minimum to say to you.

        THX for this, your vid is well made & I must say I would like to be there, in this place.


          Glad you posted this here too! Great work, and lots of it.


            Most excellent...

            ...and very experimental. This work is fully spectacular with the lighting, visuals, water reflections, statues, grasses, trees, mountains, smoke effects, nice custom music choice and camera movements in this comfortable 10 minute preview. Might be little added some essential decors, boat models and wooden styled stuffs here. Reminds me of the unknown village, in case, I couldn't find the location inspired with this work somewhere.


              Thanks guys, hello cholden !

              The water is a modified (badly) version of this shader by hourences:

              Confusion: this isn't for any game or mod it was just a portfolio piece, each house is around 3000 and the long houses are around 5000 triangles.

              I'm glad you guy's like it, makes it worth it. Theres a few more screen caps here: and some work in progress shots here:


                When I saw your work I had only one thinking: True love, yes the water ( spectacular and f**king sexy effects wow ) the details, those infernal 6 months working with an better day-by-day UE editor, the deep of fields vision You got me my hat out my head clap clap clap!


                  reminds me of skyrim this is just as good almost.


                    Before watching the vid, by looking at the pics, their so much realistic that I thought it was photos !

                    And I forgot to mention you use an excellent mixing of audio track & the flyby is also very well made.


                      Awesome indeed.

                      Two things. I would reduce the reflection effect of the water as it seems like the water is liquid nitrogen. The boards that are warped on the pathways and boardwalk should also be warped differently to give the the appearence of the act of the wood warping a more natural look. Right now the boards look like one of the villagers put them in a board stretcher and purposely warped them.

                      I found a National Park in Sweden that resembles the backdrop for your video.

                      Natur Vards Verket

                      Sweden Two

                      Flora and Fauna 1

                      Flora and Fauna 2 - This site has a group of fauna related to Sweden's environment. Adding them to your video should make the video more Nordic and geographically factual.

                      Watch out for the Cloudberries though....some have said that a few Alva still exist and will lure the unwary to their water slumber by enticing them with Cloudberries.

                      I have always liked the mythology behind the Norse as it projects a powerful view of the natural forces with respect to the natural forces of nature....the women aren't too bad looking either.


                        Hey thanks for the replies guys, I'm in the middle of moving house so haven't been able to get online.

                        Thanks for the links AB-1 I agree with you 100%, i never had time in the end to get those nice waving / living things in there, I might jump back into it and redo some stuff in the future. I've bookmarked those links, awesome!


                          Love the mountains in the background, could we get a few shots of them close up?


                            very nice job man


                              This is great! Did you have any reference for actual Viking towns or did you just do the layout on your own?