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A New Game Called Object #7615

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  • A New Game Called Object #7615

    This new game is based off of a story from Space Base 2000 by Stewart Cowley page 94.

    Basically a large unknown object is discovered in deep space on a trajectory towards the systems sun. If you look at the picture and read the story behind the object you can see the story and game unfolding before you.

    Basically you are a salvage engineer set with the task of making your way through the ship finding items of value.
    During your exploration of the ship you come across information relating to the ships inhabitants and what happened to them.

    It seems that the reason the ship is void of life is because an alien life form found its way aboard and used the inhabitants as incubators for the alien life form to grow.

    As you travel deeper and deeper into the bowls of the ship you would come across the inhabitants some alive, some dead and some that have been transformed into the alien lifeform inhabiting the ship. But you do not know who is who until you locate a special device that can determine who is infected and who is not infected.

    As you reach the first bio-sphere, which you can see in the picture, you come across inhabitants who are fighting to regain control of the ships engines that the alien lifeform has taken control of in the second bio-sphere.

    If the second bio-sphere is not taken within a certain amount of time the object will fall into the systems sun taking the inhabitants the alien lifeform and you with it.

    This game would have very large levels to play on as well as some very small areas where only a single member of the team is able to crawl through one at a time to reach the next area.

    Game play is based off of single person play where the player can operate individually or the player can play co-op where they can control a team of three other bots similar to how bots are used in Ghost Recon or Co-Op Two where upto three other realer's (real people) play each of the other team members.

    With such a large area to build and the game setting behind this construct could lead to a major new game release

    Called Object#7615

    Maybe the inhabitants could be called the Skaarj?

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    Sounds like a good story, i think that it would work great, but i think that if you were to make it on your own it would take a rather long time. besides that i think that it would be a good storyline to the game, and i think that you should go along and make it, beucase it sounds rather intresting, and it sounds like the type of game that i would play!