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Forget Me Not Annie (horror/puzzle) - Vancouver Film School Project

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    Forget Me Not Annie (horror/puzzle) - Vancouver Film School Project

    Forget Me Not Annie ( is a student project created by 4 students in a span of 3 or so months (1 week left as of today to finish up to final product and present) for the Vancouver Film School Game Design program in Vancouver.


    George Charles - Artist / Cinematics / Lighting
    Vlad Volynine - Programmer / Scripter
    Anthony Butler - Level Designer
    Brandon Dolinski - Sound Supervisor

    So... What is this?

    The game takes place in a 15 year old girls mind as she goes through therapy. The setting is a dark almost horror like feel, and the game play is strictly puzzle related. We tried to take parts of Amnesia and Portal... and mix them together as best as we could!

    Game Mechanics

    The camera view is 1st person. Our game mechanics consist of the ability to use telekinesis on an object to lift it up, and then control the distance of depth (in and out) from yourself while holding it. Annie (the main character) is also able to summon out her giant teddy bear friend (he's pretty grotesque and... yeah) in front of her. You are then able to also pick him up like an object but not only that, but are able to swap locations with him at any given moment creating a unique puzzle feel to the challenges we present.

    Here are some screenshots of the game (a few of these are about a month old, we have much improved screenshots that we haven't bothered to take yet as we are trying to finish production):

    Without further ado...

    Come like us on facebook!!!

    Short Gameplay trailer BELOW!
    The download link to the game is on the youtube video Have fun guys!

    P.S. Unfortunately due to the schools time restraint and problems within the group the last level of the game is unplayable / unpolished. The game itself is fully released though, so enjoy and give us feedback!

    this is awesome, (from what I saw on videos) I'm downloading it now :] I really like that key gameplay feature that you have to carry around your mascot everywhere


      Love it


        This one is a top-notch (I didn't say that this game is more scarier than Silent Hill). Love the features, atmosphere, mechanics and boutique styles. Good work!


          Thank you for the awesome feedback guys. We have graduated from the school about a month ago. Myself and the artist decided to continue on a much larger scaled project with a full release (not student), we have grabbed 2 more people and are working on a full blown isometric RPG with Diablo styled combat and inventory system, unique fun storyline with unique combat features... I'll post lots about it soon