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Phase - Blinky's Adventure is now on the App Store!

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  • Phase - Blinky's Adventure is now on the App Store!

    Built using the Unreal® Development Kit(tm) from Epic Games(tm), Phase - Blinky's Adventure follows the voyage of Blinky, a robot sent to explore an unknown planet in search of a new home.

    Utilizing the latest in 3D graphics technology from the award-winning Unreal® Engine(tm) 3, which has been featured in games like Gears of War 3 and Infinity Blade 2, Phase - Blinky's Adventure provides a unique, 3D platforming experience like no other on the iOS platform.

    Players must guide Blinky through 20 action-packed levels and explore the hostile environments which await them.

    -The Left Joystick moves and turns Blinky.
    -The Right Joystick makes Blinky jump.
    -The Back Button returns players to the Main Menu.

  • #2
    All screens look very nice & quite unique

    An official trailer would sell your game much better. If you made one, I'll publish it on my website for sure. More pub won't hurt hé hé hé


    • #3
      I can't get the mobile to work with my AMD card right now, so I'm going to make a PC trailer first. Merci beaucoup pour la publicité


      • #4
        nice! i was waiting for this one, gonna buy it now


        • #5
          Thanks for your support guys! I'm gonna be uploading a trailer later today, so please look out for it :P


          • #6

            Looking forward the trailer

            Ça me fait plaisir pour la pub


            • #7
              looks great man.. congrats on the release and I encourage you to write up a post mortem of the experience so others can learn from your successes and mistakes along the way, design and business wise.


              • #8
                Sorry for the delay, I couldn't get a hold of my composer. I'm going to update my first post with the trailer. I'm gonna try to write a post-mortem today or tomorrow


                • #9
                  Great !

                  Really liking the trailer (puis je l'ai publié hi hi)

                  Good luck


                  • #10
                    Merci beaucoup mon ami. I'm going to try and get the postmortem up later. I have to meet with my producer and hash out a few details though