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Designing a learning system based on digital games with UDK

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    Designing a learning system based on digital games with UDK

    Hi guys,
    with this video I want to show you a demo of a learning system that I have created as a part of my Master Thesis. The system is called “Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies”, and is a tool for computer-supported learning with basic intent to elevate the learning process at a higher level by applying the educational capabilities of digital games. It is intended for everyone and its goal is to acquaint its participants with the epistemic frame of the students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology located in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. In it, they have the opportunity to participate in a virtual environment that is a vivid representation of the faculty’s premises and, therefore, get familiar with the location of some of the areas in it. Most importantly, they also have the opportunity to get familiar with some of the material taught at the faculty, passing through examination and review the results from it. It provides the means to make the organizational chart of the faculty, and the material taught in it, more vivid and understandable not only for its current and future students, but for any other participant in the system. At the same time, the participants are not passive consumers of information, but actively acquire new knowledge based on their experiences within the system.

    The system “Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies” was created with the UDK beta from August 2010, and is intended for use in the process of independent learning, because it enables people to gain new knowledge at any place and at any time without a teacher. It is also suitable for distance learning.

    I hope you like it

    That is some really cool stuff. I hope to see more!


      YUp, n i we also got an idea. it will be nice if u can make an online facility to learn udk, im sure u heard for: and on internet is a loooot great tutorials about UDK, so maybe, just maybe all of this can become one project something like,, hmmm, UDK masters lol. But just imagine, And in case that will be online we will can to talk eachother about our own probs, to meet with cpecialists, etc. Just an idea. Keep it up man.


        Yes, of course. I think that knowledge sharing is the most important part in the process of learning new things. Currently, I'm planning to develop a video game for iOS that will implement many advanced concepts in the field of single player and multiplayer. I have many ideas, so you'll be hearing from me very very soon