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Police - Part II

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    I tried installing which worked fine but when i double click the game icon on desktop i get the message Geopolice launcher has stopped working and the app crashes out. Looks like the build is brocken to me unless someone else has a solution


      We've made custom launcher to detect desktop resolutions at start up and log into ini file. It seems get resolutions API call requires admin rights and it was already late to change this.

      You need to run it with Administrator rights. If it still complains for some reason just run UDK.exe


        Yep worked that one out, for anybody else with the issue just go into install directory/binaries and right click on the launcher and set to run as admin. Abnormalia, not a bad little start for a game. You need to work and materials and the AI needs a bit more work to react more realistic but a very good start. Keep up the good work. Also is there dx11 support and how do you enable if so. Cheers


          Thanks for feedback KingBadger !

          Yes we know. I'm the lead programmer on that project. We are team of approx 30 person now. We started from zero experience in gamedev last year. Lack of advanced docs and supports was and is our major problem. We've expanded since that, now have own sound and mockup studio and learned how to work together as team.

          First release was nightmare and we were so ashamed after release (it was not out decision to release). This one is ooook but we do not like part 2, we already know we can do way better !

          I promise third part will be blast ! We will do everything to show what we've learned. Improved AI, more action, more weapons, more game modes, cooler visuals, improved animation etc etc.

          Full English version will be released for free as well after we've done with 3rd part.

          This project is our attempt to learn and enter into commercial gamedev industry in future.



            As for DX11, we've tried to run game in DX11 mode and it did not looked more advanced or faster so we've reverted to DX9 for now.


              Great job I am installing the game, and will let you know how it goes.


                Ok The graphics are great! It runs well on my old laptop as well. One gripe is that right off the bat there is too much talking. Granted I don't even know what they are saying. So I just pick what ever choices randomly.

                The animations are amazing. The lip syncing is a bit off but that doesn't matter to me much really.

                On to gameplay : The gun feels like it is a bit to high up in the screen also the character feels a bit short.

                The aiming and shooting is fun, there is nothing wrong with the combat from this point.

                There seems to be some sort of aim assist, maybe its just me, but its good!

                I like the old school leaning its a great addition.

                I feel the guns could use a little more love. They seems a bit plain. Maybe its just me.

                The AI is pretty good compared to other indie dev AI. They take cover and lean out which was nice to see. They should take cover more often though. They look to run out towards you far to often.

                Overall its a great game! FPS ran slower while i played in game. The cinematics went smooth though.


                  TheAgent thanks for such detailed feedback !

                  Yeah correctly noted, lip sync and cinematic animations are bit off. It was first time when we were messing and mastering with new mockup studio. We've selected action and sound artists and started recording scenes. Later we discovered that sound and actions scenes were a bit off so we have to sync them from code. Now we know what and how to do in that direction. Also we finally mastered how to use FaceFX.

                  I'll also take other notes from you and discuss with team.


                    Looks really great. And I like it in Georgian, I always preferred having game/movie/whatever in native language with English subs rather than poor voiceover.



                      Thanks !

                      ROFL !


                        We are testing beta of Patch 1.1 Already.


                        1. Falling though floor on one quicksave on slow computers.
                        2. After death or continue game, sometimes some enemies could not harm player while shooting.
                        3. Repeating bot animations that may happen at covers sometimes.
                        4. No more bots with guns pointing though glass in security room.
                        5. Reduced run speed.

                        various Physics tweaks here and there:


                          good job! nice game


                            and it's all free


                              Launch Trailer with English subs:


                                Looking Incredible!