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Videogame projects made by students of UPC University in Barcelona

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  • Videogame projects made by students of UPC University in Barcelona

    I’d like to show you a video with a compilation of the videogames developed by a group of students of the Tech Talent Center (Barcelona’s UPC university). There are six projects, the first being made with UDK. I think the visuals of the game and it's design are quite interesting. You can download the game here:
    All 3d content is made with Softimage and 3dmax. Mudbox and Photoshop are used for texturing.

    I hope you like them and feel free to comment what you like and what you dislike, but please remember that these are not commercial videogames, they are just student’s work.

    You can find links to the projects of previous years in the same youtube channel.
    Best regards.

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    very nice! reminds me of Mario 64 but with newer graphics and more character moves. the concept of a small bug is also very nice

    btw I didn't know they did such a master degree here in Barcelona. Then again making games is just my hobby unless I could find a job here (gameloft sure are picky, the rest never answer inquiries)


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      Thanks for your comments. The spirit and references of the project are for sure all those good old games, Mario64 being like the father of any good 3d platform game

      And yes, the UPC master degree in videogame development started six years ago, and I hope the level keeps raising and we can see more good demos and projects.
      Best regards.