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[Update]Zombies Beta Demo/Source Released!!!

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    The Agent, you must fix the show hints yes no popup it keeps showing up so i couldn't move.


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      Congrats on getting the demo out, however on my computer it has a memory leak and crashes my computer.


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        PM me if you'd like another mirror for your file.


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          Hey slider602 i'll be working on the hints today. I'm not sure about the memory, I wouldn't know how to fix that.

          But, ill be working on fixes today and tomorrow and see what i can do.

          Sent PM Snake :]

          Im going to decide to remove the hints all together, and have a "How to Play" section on the menu, which shows controls mappings etc. Hints detract from the gameplay too much.


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            I played some of your Zombies beta game. I sent this as an email before, but I'm sure that was full, so I'll put here too. Here are my beta test issues:

            Some of these have been stated before, but here goes.

            1) The intro has text that needs to stay up longer so the player can read it through. I got through maybe the first 2 sentences and it disappeared. Try reading it aloud in a normal pace and see how long it takes you to read it and then subtract 5 seconds and that is how much each segment should stay up.

            2) The player needs to have the option to skip the intro if wanted. Maybe a redundant feature to keep from skipping if the player doesn't actually want to. You now, Press any key to skip and then ask are you sure you wish to skip. The yes needs to be like press Y or something.

            3) The player's character has no head either at all or just in his shadow.

            4) Near the starting room, there is a room with a dead body and some large windows. At least on the left side, the window is slanted too much and the player can see the street. It is not placed good in the window's frame.

            5) The text that displays when the player picks something up needs to disappear after a time. This way the player isn't constantly seeing Picked Up Keys on the screen.

            6) Does the player have the ability to reload without having to empty a mag? If so, which button? You may wish to add this as a hint after the player picks up the gun. I figured out the aiming button, but it may need to be displayed as a hint as well.

            7) Why is there a time limit? If you have a limited amount of time to reach the squad, is there are countdown timer on the screen somewhere? If not, then there needs to be. If not at all times, then displayed at certain increments. For instance: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on. Instead of just an audio stating 5 minutes remaining.

            8) The keys don't have a very easy to find marker, but the money does. This may need to be changed to a larger marker like the money or a blinking outline of the keys to help the player find it faster. I hunted everywhere for the first two keys. I was near them and didn't see them until I was there the 2nd or 3rd time.

            9) The money pickups are aggravating to get. If it was me, I would have it so that player automatically picks up the money by walking across them, but still has to actually pick up the keys, weapons, and the like. This will save the player a lot of time during Gameplay.

            10) How do you Unlock & Enter B-Way Tunnel? I have the keys.

            It may not be a beta test question but: How do you set it up so I can use my wired XBox 360 controller in the game? I tried plugging it up while playing and it didn't work. Have you not setup the controls for it? I noticed the blue x button in one of the hints.

            I hope this helps you out. I haven't gotten to the zombies yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll let you know of any other issues I come across.

            Keep up the awesome work.


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              You may need to install drivers for the xboxcontroller, they worked first time for me, i will try again and see once I recook the new version.

              You also Press 'R' to reload, its basic keyboard set up for PC FPS games. Shift to sprint etc.

              I will add this information on a How to Play section on the pause menu as well as the Main menu.

              I increased the radius of all that pickups it should make it easier to get.


              • #37
                I thought I had tried R and nothing happened. huh. I'll play it again tonight and see if R let's me reload.

                My XBox 360 controller works fine when I plug it up and play Fallout 3 or NV, but it doesn't seem to work with the UDK stuff. Is there some special drivers that I need to install for it to work with UDK?


                • #38
                  Nah you don't need special drivers for UDK, Ill work on getting things set up to work next time around.


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                    there is another set of keys somewhere, maybe walk around the center of the map?
                    I prolly gave to much away, let me know if you want me to delete this Agent.

                    lookin' great Agent, the only thing I can say that you or everybody else hasn't said yet, is after you pick something it still 'glows' where the item was, I'm sure you know that already though hehe.


                    • #40
                      Haha that's ok though, that's where the exploratory part of the game comes in hehe. Whats not so obvious is how to open the doors to B-Way tunnel which i will be fixing.


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                        Originally posted by CloDel Studios View Post
                        there is another set of keys somewhere, maybe walk around the center of the map?
                        I've already got those keys and I've got the marker showing me where I need to go. It says I need to Unlock & Enter B-Way Tunnel. I go up to the big tunnel door on the left and it says I need a key.

                        Is there 3 keys on the map before you go into the tunnel?

                        I have looked everywhere & don't know what I'm doing wrong.

                        Oh and you were right Agent, R did reload. I don't know why it didn't seem to work before. I may have thought I pressed and didn't. Oh well.

                        Also, I found out that the player is able to clip through paper boxes, mail boxes, and light poles. I don't know if it's been said before, but they need a collision added to them.

                        Also, I picked up every single piece of money on the map and then saved. After I loaded the save, all of the money was back on the map again. Just thought you may need to keep it from respawning like that unless you really want it to.

                        Anyway, can't wait til the next download and see what you've done.

                        Have a good one.


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                          Documentation will begin AFTER I purchase the license. However if you want to help me save up 99 dollars. Trust me i do not have money to spend right now.

                          Please Donate for the cause! So i can raise 99 dollars. Donation button is on the right.

                          You don't need a paypal account to donate , a credit card is fine.

                          Once I have the license donations will be towards the long and extensive work of the documentation.
                          Lol TheAgent you want some help from 4 - 5 users to buy a commercial license so every of players will pay 4.99$ additionally
                          I dont think you havent got money, you just a bit scared (as most of community and as me of course)that these 100$ can be exchanged for the big troubles, not selling only


                          • #43
                            I'm not selling the game because I don't have a 3500 Dollar Autodesk license. Who's scared here?

                            I'm only kindly asking for donations to the extensive work of the full source code i'm giving away. No one has to give anything.

                            If you clearly read my work in progress you would see that i am not selling the game anymore. It is a free download, it's for FREE and you don't have to pay a cent.

                            The only reason why I need the license is because I am accepting donations towards the cause of the game. The documentation will be pertaining to the game/UDK therefore i will be needing the 99 dollar license which i will be purchasing tomorrow.


                            • #44
                              So i have been taking everyones suggestions, This is the stuff that has so far been worked on/completed Highlighted in Red

                              First, the intro pacing is extremely too long. Two quick blurbs of story I didn't have time to read, then a few minutes of blank space while we wait on europe to rotate around. I couldn't really show this to anyone without waiting for that unskippable scene to be done.

                              Controls at this point are real clunky. It's difficult to pick-up any item or press any button without navigating directly above it while sliding around on what feels like ice.

                              Every puzzle is "find the key for this door", and every "key" is a tiny set of keys in the corner of some room. Anyway to mix that up? ( I think people will like this a bit more now. )

                              You need a way to restore health or the health system is kinda pointless.

                              Forgot on note: At one point, I went in a room, and it sounded like someone was in pain somewhere on the other side of the room. I didn't hear or notice anything else. After a while, my health was going down some. I turned around, and a zombie had been beating on me for all that time. A few more audio/visual feedback ques on that would be great. Zombie grunting, melee impact, some hit effect, etc.

                              I encountered a small glitch where the "hints" pop-up stopped the game from progressing because when I pushed "Yes" nothing happened. Not sure if you're aware but that was fun.*

                              I re-loaded my progress from the main menu and played with hints off. Eh... The game was really kinda tough to figure out with them off. Even having read here on the forums about "every puzzle being a set of keys in the corner of a room" I had some real difficulties in some places.*

                              I worked out things to make it more obvious

                              And one last nitpick, you should set the light that spawns behind you for your nightvision effect to not cast shadows.*

                              Once i am satisfied and fix all of the issues then i will release the 1.2 Beta


                              • #45
                                lol, TheAgent, I just thought that everyone has to pay 99$ for selling any game on UDK and 3500$ is for big companies.. Smthing like that