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[Update]Zombies Beta Demo/Source Released!!!

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    [Update]Zombies Beta Demo/Source Released!!!

    Donations can now be made for the Documentation!!! Please Help me out and Donate! Enjoy the demo!

    Donate at its on the top right!

    I have received 3 donations so far Thank you all that have donated : ]

    Beta Demo Release

    So after months and months of work, the Zombies Beta Demo is finally released.

    With millions of bugs and other little things. Probably the most major bug is that the mini map doesn't cook with the game.

    I will re-upload with working mini map once that problem is fixed.

    Please view my progress thread here :

    Fixed Issues

    Notification Text on the Left now fades out.

    You can now skip the intro sequence. Its also shorter and you can read the text now.

    Taking damage is more noticeable now.

    Puzzles are a little different. May take some figuring out.

    Important objects give off a glint.

    Computer monitor glows now. [Emmisive]

    Zombies can see you from a bit farther away. They still need work.

    Lowered the games overall exaggerated bloom. Muzzle flash lowered.

    You can now pick up Health packs. Healing effect PP coming soon.

    Make what you have to do to open the tunnel door more obvious.

    Still Having issues with the MiniMap not cooking with the game, will have that fix when i can.

    AI Still isnt the greatest.

    Known Issues
    • MiniMap Does not appear on cooked game
      [*]When you hit yes to "Show Hints" anytime a hint pops up your character will continue moving forward once you hit 'close'
    • GenericZombies will sometimes do odd things like go off onto a wall
    • Tyrant floats even though his collision is set properly
    • Save and load is still iffy, sometimes saving the game will not load the proper events depending on where you saved the game
    • Character still has no head... bear with me
    • Game is not optimized for lower end pc's sorry guys. Lower the resolution as much as you can
    • The options menu doesnt work. Im working on a clever plan for saving settings, wait for Next Beta release
    • May be more. Just let me know

    First things first

    Download the Zombies Beta demo below


    Source Code/Content Disclaimer (Taken from Readme_First.txt)

    Zombies Demo Beta Release 1.1

    This Source does not work as is you must first :
    • Download UDK July Beta from
    • Install UDK July Beta
    • Copy Zombies_July_Sourced Developement/UDKGame folders and overite anything that needs to be overwritten over to the UDK July install directory

    This assumes you have knowledge of UDK I will not baby anyone into learning how to do preliminary tasks.

    Learn those things then come back and mess with my sourced Content.

    What you cannot do/Is not for :
    • You DO NOT have permission to use my content in any of your creations free or commercial. It is for testing/ learning purposes only. You are free to use the Code however.
    • This is not a Starter Pack of any kind. It is meant for learning. I repeat you may use the code, but not any of the art assets at all. In your free/commercial game.

    This is a full game in the making so do not think of this as a give away!

    If you would like to contact me email me at

    If you are to email me these are the conditions.

    You must state your name and nick name in the header/title line of the email like so.

    Format/Conditions :
    • Jonathan "TheAgent" Vazquez ( so that i may find your name in the forums if need be ) If you dont it will be redirected to my spam folder.
    • You cannot offer/ask me to join your project or join mine. I will not merge game with anyone else. This is a solo project and also an experiment for my self sorry its just a personal thing/goal.
    • Do not ask me how to do something in UDK. My documentation will tell you all about my code, and some tutorials. Everything else you will have to search in the forums I am not an expert, and cannot help with everything. More than likley I will ignore the emails. I get a lot during the day.

    I will take suggestions and bug/fixes so please email me with that! Just follow the formatting rules please. It makes it easier/faster for me to respond to you.

    Questions about paypal and how to donate should be directed at PayPal please. I can only do so much.

    These are the contents and its sizes

    Src's (Code) : 692kb / 82 Files
    Packages(Art) : 806mb / 24 Files
    Maps (Levels) : 126mb / 10 Files

    Total (All Content) : 1.04gb / 743 Files

    Compressed : 605mb

    I have been working with 22.7gb of Raw Source Data

    Download Zombies July Beta Source

    Download Mirrors!

    Demo :


    Congrats on the release!


      Originally posted by Solid Snake View Post
      Congrats on the release!
      Thanks a lot. I can finally sleep at night!


        Amazing congratulations theagent you deserve them!


          Thanks alvarofer0021! I updated my initial post preparing to add the Source download link soon!

          Added the download source LINK!


            I admire you, TheAgent!


              This is pretty awesome, and awesomely pretty. Great job!

              I did the quick play through, here's my experience.

              First, the intro pacing is extremely too long. Two quick blurbs of story I didn't have time to read, then a few minutes of blank space while we wait on europe to rotate around. I couldn't really show this to anyone without waiting for that unskippable scene to be done.

              I did snag on the known bug of constantly moving forward, but I also ran into with hints disabled at one point while simply walking forward. Not sure what triggered it.

              Controls at this point are real clunky. It's difficult to pick-up any item or press any button without navigating directly above it while sliding around on what feels like ice. I can't make much sense of the sprinting either as sometimes he starts, then goes faster forever. Other times you start to run then just stop.

              COmbat seems fine. I have no trouble stopping the zombies with this gun. Most of the time they seemed to stand there and wait for. That big monster at the end was standing in the corner until I went up the ladder and got the outro.

              Every puzzle is "find the key for this door", and every "key" is a tiny set of keys in the corner of some room. Anyway to mix that up?

              You need a way to restore health or the health system is kinda pointless.


                I didnt think about the health wow, idk why.

                Im not sure maybe the install is odd i never had trouble picking up ammo or items. The sprinting stops after a while as you get "tired", it always seemed ok.

                I agree on the long intro i forgot about it when i released it. The Tyrant is a blind giant. If you successfully passed him without him doing anything at all then props to you hehehe.

                He can only hear sprinting, jumping, picking up items and shooting of course.

                Im suprised that the picking up items was hard. You do have to get close to the item but
                i suppose i can increase the radius.

                The zombies are pretty dumb yeah lots of tweaking needed for those dumbos.

                Thanks for even downloading it!!! Ill try to fix the issues in the next release.

                Give me a week or so and ill post another version. Again keep playing it through and keep giving suggestions. I'll also work on the repetitiveness of the puzzles.


                  Forgot on note: At one point, I went in a room, and it sounded like someone was in pain somewhere on the other side of the room. I didn't hear or notice anything else. After a while, my health was going down some. I turned around, and a zombie had been beating on me for all that time. A few more audio/visual feedback ques on that would be great. Zombie grunting, melee impact, some hit effect, etc.

                  Oh yea, and that tyrant guy just stood there while I emptied all my clips in his back. So I doubt I avoided him.


                    Ahahah that's kinda of funny. Your character should make hurt noises when getting hurt, not sure why it didn't work on ur case. And the zombies, yeah don't grunt. So ill work on that. In the case that audio doesn't seem to work, the visual will always do the trick. Thanks again for the feedback.

                    It worked for me when i installed the game, odd that he just stood there.


                      thanks and Very Very god work


                        Thanks, good work, love your stuff, really inspiring!


                          really good work there man
                          I'm already seeing a couple of features in your video that I'll need at some point so thanks to you I'll need a lot more research and time to implement them
                          thanks a lot for releasing the source


                            Looks Sweet Agent, The download link has been disabled by the provider as generating too much traffic. Need a new download link


                              Ill put up two new links soon! Thanks everyone!