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    Hey Flak, I guess my post also got sent to spam by FB... Any chance you guys can post it?

    -----------FB post------------------

    Missile Commander 2031 will make you question the place of the player in modern shooter games, in a short but spectacular package!
    An "art shooter" fully made in UDK over 5 months purely in Kismet!

    Not for the faint of heart!

    -----------FB post------------------

    Thanks a lot for your work guys, you rock!


      World of DASM series

      Hello, I don't have Facebook but here is my project. This is DASM. My site explains all about my game which is for kids who are just learning ABC's or MATH. It also was created for kids who have poor attention time spans and learning difficulties. It is still in its BETA stage but will be released soon to buy. My site also provides links, advice and some basic static meshes for UDK users to use for free. (Im am a former special needs teacher and support officer.) Thanks!


        Hello Flak,
        we just signed our game to the Steam Greenlight. Here's the link
        We need support from all Unreal family. If you can submit our content on the FB Wall, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks you.


          Our free UDK mobile game just went live on the AppStore. It's a Flappy preview of our upcoming game When Bears Fly