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    Hey Oniram, I just played Shift a couple weeks ago. I must say I had a really good time playing this game. But I did encounter some glitches as I played the level besides the ones already in the reported. Every time I emptied my clip and didn't reload, but switched my weapons instead, the previous weapon I was holding would disappear despite that I had like 2-3 reloads left on it. I also sunk into the flow one time when I rolled away from some cover near a door.

    Lastly, I really like the end cinematic where the player enters the elevator. But I hope you'll add more variety to this prior that this could probably get old after the second or third time this is done. Or have this ranking system and depending upon how well the player did, different end cinematic would occur. Just a personnel recommendation of course.

    Good luck with project boys, and take all the time you guys need to make Shift yet another great indie project.


      Do you want a little help with original music???
      please, listen this tracks


        Love the environment, game is okay... lol


          hey everyone. thanks for the feedback on this.

          @DizzyMan: i think most of that was known aside from the weapons issue. but thanks for pointing all of that out.

          unfortunately we've ended this project. it was not really intended to go past this one level, but it was mostly used as a r&d and skill building experience for us. though ill say we are in the midst of working on something new.


            hi, great game. i was wondering if you could use the september udk to make a version i could play on the mac osx?


              thank you

              one of the reasons that we stuck with the november version was because it was before the new FrontEnd UI and changes. since frontend changed we have been having trouble getting it to work.