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Abandoned - My first UDK game

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    Abandoned - My first UDK game

    Hey all,

    This is my first attempt, not only at UDK, but at creating a playable game at all. It's for a unversity project, the 2 main content controlling rules of which are:

    1) No weapons / violence
    2) The player cannot die

    I say "game", but actually it is just one level, that takes around 15mins to complete.

    Many thanks has to go to some excellent tutorials online (3D Buzz, UDN, Hourences, Allar's Awseome Blog) and the generous contribution of knowledge / guidance from users on these forums (Matt Doyle, LexLuthor, Jamerio, name but a few).

    You can download the game here:

    Any feedback would be most welcome and I appreciate your time if you choose to play the game!


    I'd like to see what im downloading before downloading it.


      youtube videos please.


        Youtube video would be nice, just to see what we are actually downloading :P


          Utube please


            Im just gonan download it and try it out anyway. Ill provide feed back

            *crosses fingers*


              HaHa very creative, add some more of your custom art and you'll have a good game. I like the flash menus you got there.

              Also would be nice if the character faced where he was going. Awkward walking backwards but hes facing forward hehe.


                I enjoyed it, up until the part with the gears, getting over that last one became too much of a pain in the ****


                  This isn't too bad.

                  For a game with "no violence" the sounds aren't a good mix with the world. It's so over-selling, over-the-top horror and suspense, but the game is key/door and platforming. The platforming is mostly unplayable in this basic state. It's just too difficult to control the player through totally unforgiving platforming.

                  As for a first game it's a good result. Just keep pushing yourself artistically and with gameplay.


                    The game is pretty good, I enjoyed it quite alot! More than I expected haha, I would only suggest allowing the user to turn around when going the opposite direction (left), was quite annoying haha. Also those turning gears really annoyed the heck out of me! couldnt do it

                    Other than that, great job!



                      Thanks to everyone for leaving comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to download and play my game

                      I'm pretty satisfied with it for a first attempt, and can safely say although it was a ballache to begin with I'm well and truly in love with UDK! haha. Awesome bit of kit!!

                      I would have loved to have the player face the correct way when running left, this gave me no end of headaches, and in the end got the better of me. If anyone has any advice or guidance on how to go about achieving this it would be invaluable information (don't forget I'm a noob!!)

                      Also, I really wanted to tweak the final cog puzzle to make it slightly less challenging, but deadline day creeped up on me all too quickly. Though saying that, it can be done with a bit of guile and skill (...though to be fair, I've probably tested it a thousand times so have got good at beating it!!)

                      @MaxPower: Could you elaborate on:

                      Originally posted by Max Power View Post
                      "The platforming is mostly unplayable in this basic state. It's just too difficult to control the player through totally unforgiving platforming.
                      - I'm not too sure what in particular you mean by this.

                      Thanks again guys/gals!!


                        Oh, unfortunately my PC flaps at the task of capturing video, but I've taken a few screenshots for anyone else that is interested in the game.