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Student Mini Project - Maze_Runner

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    Student Mini Project - Maze_Runner

    This is a small game that a group of friends and i made for a video game competition (TSA Video Game Design Competition). just posting this up for people to check out.

    if you have any questions comments etc. just post in the thread

    Care to show a little bit about the game, I went to the link but the only thing I saw about the game was the menu video...

    Most people will want to see some screenshots first before they download.


      sorry bout that thats actually another project on an old youtube account. i have a video at this link will get screenshots in the next 30 mins or so (

      EDIT: forgot to mention this video does not display any levels besides the first one and has no sound




          Oh god, that hurts my eyes


            This is unplayable. One texture on everything that is full contrast white on black lines, Every thing in the same shape, no way to tell where you're going or where you've been, and the music is grating. You should go back and consider some basics of game design.

            Mazes can't be completed from this angle. You have to either have a top view or a first person view to visually know where you are in game. This camera is pointed straight down at the floor INSIDE Of the walls. Thus, all the user can see is the floor. Impossible to solve.

            Simplify materials, give visual and audio cues, a map or camera adjustment.


              please note that this is not the final version, this was just a test of what i could do with the engine itself. to be honest we ran out of time on this project and some things were not completed fully. also, the "final" version refers to the final version before i turned in the game for judging.

              The texture was a sort of a last priority for the group.

              The music was sort of last minute (all tracks were made in about a 10 hour period).

              as for the camera i had some trouble with a good third person view. iirc. the first version actually had the experimental third person camera angle, but with that the camera kept clipping with the walls and my teacher thought the angle was slightly confusing. as for the current camera angle i might raise the camera angle slightly to give a better arial view.

              also the camera is not inside the walls it is directly above them.

              I do plan on fixing this game in time but not for awhile due to some other projects i am currently working on.