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    Fridge Raider

    Heya guys,

    Fridge raider is now on the app store. Get if for your iphone, Itouch or ipad.

    Fridge Raider is a challenging 3D platformer that places you in a popular Japanese game show run by the evil Master Wasabi. A game show where you compete for food, toothpicks and solid gold wontons. Use your cunning "Cridder" skills to traverse Master Wasabi’s environmental hazards to reach your ultimate goal, “The Fridge!” Powered by UDK.

    Simple controls for maximum fun, tap the right of the screen to jump, move around with the left stick.

    Two player models to choose from

    Handy autosave

    Timer display to help you beat your best time.

    Lots of humor

    New Screenies added


      Looks like terribly fun and a bit messed, but I afraid that it is just old ball-rider game but with some good japan style

      Modify gameplay as much as you can to go out from these old-styled ball-turn game.


        Its funny you mentioned that, actually not a Ball roller your running around and can stop at will you use the stick to move around as opposed to the tilt controls, It can be hard to tell from the screenies. We are planning on expanding after our second game is done.