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UDK Launch Pad v1.5

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  • UDK Launch Pad v1.5

    Since the changes Epic made to the new UDK Frontend I always missed alot of the goodies in the old version specially when it comes to launching your application i different ways. So to make myself a happy camper I welded a small application together to make this happen again...

    - Auto updating map selector.
    - Application updater.
    - Choose the most common server options before launch
    - Compile your game both with 64bit and 32bit support.
    - Cook your game with 64bit and 32 bit support.
    - Creates dynamic URIs for servers launch
    - Executes users game class and gamemodes
    - Executes users command line arguments
    - Executes users console commands on launch
    - Launch game, server and editor in 64-bit mode
    - Launch game and editor in DirectX 11 mode
    - Supports both PC and Mobile games.
    - Use up to 8 local clients upon server start for debugging
    - Works with both cooked and uncooked data
    - And a lot moreā€¦

    Current Version: 1.5 (2011-05-23 09:30 CET)


    More info and Downloads Here


  • #2
    now this is very nice indeed, ill be sure to check it out and report any bugs i come across


    • #3
      Sounds good...


      • #4
        I agree, and welcome this product


        • #5
          A quick fix was made... due to a crash bug while not having a map selected while starting the UDK...


          • #6
            Sorry for the quick release of a new version but I couldn't help myself...


            • #7
              Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


              • #8
                Wow this looks awesome, i will be sure to give it a try and ill post up any bugs i find!



                • #9
                  New version will be release this weekend...

                  Added a few things like compiling and cooking... I also fixed a few bugs...


                  • #10
                    This is indeed a pretty brilliant tool and saves some time I'd otherwise lose installing the old Frontend in new UDK builds (yeah, it still works and, as of now, is way more useful to me than the new... let's call it "iFrontend")

                    May I ask, out of pure curiosity, what tech is this based on? .net? I could throw it into some dependency walker but I thought I would just ask instead - I really like the single-file build and seeing how it's rather small I assumed it's linked to standard .net libs?


                    • #11

                      Yeah .NET FW 2.0... Unfortunally I wrote the first part in VB and didn't care to change even though it grow pretty fast... But fortunally VB.NET supports threading now so it can be speeded up bit...

                      I might convert it to C# later on...


                      • #12
                        Sorry no update as promised ... My PSU said FU to me so I have to get a new one tomorrow...


                        • #13
                          This looks pretty sweet. Downloading.


                          • #14
                            I updated the UDK Launch Pad to 0.950 so feel free to get a new version...


                            • #15
                              that looks pretty useful. thanks.