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LifeLight - Part of Global Games Jam 2011

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    LifeLight - Part of Global Games Jam 2011

    Global Games Jam 2011: An event hosted worldwide where teams compete to produce a game (in any engine or otherwise) over 48 hours solidly. (January 28-30).
    Stafford Uni this year produced some fantastic entries and had some great teams so thanks to everyone who put in the hard work.

    Presenting Project LifeLight:

    Made over 48 hours in UDK August 2009 beta.
    Sidescrolling action where you control a ball of light restoring light to a dark world and illuminating the path as you go. Collecting the red particles adds to your level completion total.
    In total it's around 5 minutes of Gameplay (since that was the target for GJJ 2011) and the theme was Extinction.


    Download Links:
    Compiled exe installer is around 157mb, may take a little more to install.

    W,D,Spacebar for movement. double tap W or D to "longjump" in the respective direction or to bounce off a wall/surface.

    Direct X 9.0c Dec 2010 Is needed to play LightLife!
    Get it above if you don't have a newer version installed, all problems playing stem from this or the below:

    If you fullscreen the game, you may need to alt+f4 or console -> exit to quit since due to time constraints and the fact it was never meant to be fullscreen'd theres no actual "quit" menu.
    Decent graphics hardware is needed to run LifeLight properly since particle collision and dynamic light trails are very intensive so integrated/laptop graphics will not cope. Runs at a solid 60fps on Windows XP with 1gb Nvidia card and 2.3ghz dual core.
    This game is Proof of Concept and pretty unpolished due to time constraints.
    Certainly not bad for 48 hours work with everything done from scratch!

    Tom Roberts - Scripting
    Matt Tonkinson (me) - Scripting, Modelling, Polishing
    Dom Nash - Scripting, Effects, Polishing
    Dan Osborne - Modelling, Texturing
    Becky Edwards - Sprites, Planning
    Paul Forey - Music Composition
    Dennis Foster - Level Design, Level Development
    Everyone contributed towards the initial game design and concept ideas.