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Polycount Beat-'em-up Challenge

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    Polycount Beat-'em-up Challenge

    There are many teams out there doing exciting things with UDK. One of the cool things we recently saw was the Beat-Em-Up Challenge on Polycount.

    From the rules
    For this challenge you will be creating an environment for a side-scroller beat-em-up!

    This will be a 3D environment created for today’s console, PC or arcade market. Since this is a challenge, you will not be creating an environment from pre-existing ‘beat-em-up’ but rather you are responsible for designing and creating an original environment. That’s not to say, however, that your environment cannot be inspired by existing games.
    Here at Epic we are amazed at the quality that some of the applicants managed to create in just a few weeks and wanted to share these with the rest of the UDK community.

    These are just a few of the incredible levels done in UDK for this challenge:

    Vincent Mayeur : ParoXum:

    Chris Holden : cholden:

    Kryon Gray : Kysterama:

    Nate Broach : Skeptical Nate and Loren Broach : Keen:

    Congrats to the winner and to all who competed, you guys really did a great job!

    You can download and check out their work here: Remember this work was done in a short period of time with the goal of producing a short video and a screen shot, not necessarily representing best-practices or even the full extent of what the talented artists are capable of. It has not been tested on multiple versions of UDK, just the one that each artist used.

    Great stuff. Some very nice artwork in there Congrats!


      Awesome. As a moderator and fellow Polycounter this is super awesome to see these guys that took part in this getting a major shout out from you guys at Epic.

      Thanks a ton!



        Thank you so much for doing this service to the community. I know all these guys worked hard, and appreciate such a great response.

        Folks can find a few more images and a video of my entry from this thread.

        Thanks again!


          The small backyard one looks simply amazing


            Thanks for sharing Pauliver!


              I'm with Frank, I've been staring at that screenshot now for a good ten minutes in awe. I wish their were more environmental artists of the quality found in this competition.

              Congratulations to all of you.


                Each is absolutely amazing, congratulations to all.


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                    Its all very good, im not only amazed at the detail, but im amazed at how they created it in such a short space of time. Congratulations to all, the work that you have produced is amazing!


                      OMG, not only do they show us all of there outstanding work, you can also download the map and try it out yourself, this is truly amazing, I love the work that you all i created here, and you inspire me alot, thank you so much for this!