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Just released "El cartel" the video game using UDK!!

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    Just released "El cartel" the video game using UDK!!

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm very exited to show you an adver game that our team at Teravision games did for the tv network Caracol TV.

    This multilayer game is based on the Colombian tv show "El cartel", were you pick a side from the two main cartels and play in one map. Give it a try! the game was primary targeted for the Latin American audience since it is the main audience of the show, thus the game audio is in Spanish, but I think everyone no mater the language they speak will enjoy it.

    I was the Lead Character artist but also environment artist as I did several assets, all the weapons and character concept art. This game was made by a team of 4 artist (two modelers and texture painters, one character animator and one programmer).

    Hope you like it and we would love your feedback!! since we hope to create expansion packs for the game.

    Claudio Raffaelli
    3D artist & illustrator

    Looks neat. Any way we can download and play it?


      Yeah. On the web site you can download it but you have to register in order to download it and since the website is in Spanish, it could be messy for non Spanish speakers.

      Try on this link

      and click on "descarga GRATUITA", then wait until the countdown reaches to "0" (the site is trying to sell you a paid membership for faster download rate) so once the countdown finishes you'll start downloading using the free downloading system

      Let me know if this works for you!