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[Beta 0.1] Dialogue System

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  • [Beta 0.1] Dialogue System

    Hello everyone,

    I worked yesterday and today on a small and simple system of dialogue to get familiar with Kimset nodes and I think this would be stupid not to share it rather than roting on my hard drive. Thank you to belzaran for the precious help!

    So a very simple system with the ability to place choices during dialogues. Everything is configurable in Kismet and a little documentation is supplied with!

    Video: See the video on Youtube

    • Beta version 0.1: Here

    (updated for July Beta)

    Thank you.

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    Apperciate that man, thank you.


    • #3
      this is a nice little project, i could definitely use something like this.
      will you be doing more with it?


      • #4
        Very cool indeed. I will have to give it a test and report back


        • #5
          without downloading and takeing a look myself, you doing this with UIScenes/Cam Matinee? worked on somthing similar myself for a Generic Shop Vendor a few days ago as part of a larger project, nice to see someone has released this to the community


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            Very Good


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              Doesn't work with the latest release. Something about errors in the scripts.


              • #8
                There is only one and is not important too much.
                In DIA_HUD try comment Canvas.DrawTextCentered(SpeakerName); line


                • #9
                  Great work S ha d!

                  Unfortunately i'am not able to make the sript run. I've installed it and i can choose all the nodes in Kismet but after setting it exactly like in the tutorial or like in the example map, nothing happens. Really nothing, not even a error message.

                  I checked everything, my kismet setup and player properties are exactly the same as in the tutrial. But nothing happens. As i approach the trigger(doesn't matter if touched or used) nothing will be triggered.

                  I'am using the october version of UDK, are there problems with this build?

                  Another question: is it necessary to attach a camera actor to the nodes?


                  • #10
                    Thank you for this system, I always wanted to make something that can give me choises, dialogues, but I don't know much unreal scipt, yet.


                    • #11
                      mmm ive followed the document to set it all up but when i try to run the default map supplied it says it cant find the 'dialogue' package
                      i dont know what im doing wrong!


                      • #12
                        Hello people xD, I use 2011-05 version of UDK. I have no trouble except next 1. All scripts are worked...all elements in Kismet too. But the problem touched GFxUI. This elements are upset! It elements so necessary, couse GFxUI writes/draws in Flash. Can u Help ?


                        • #13
                          ohhhhh...Forgot...I told about GFxUI , couse my mouse still doesn't work without this.


                          • #14
                            Amazing...Thanks a lot. Just what i was looking for


                            • #15
                              Thanks man, really nice system.