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[DT3D] UDK Skin Shader

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    Okay, thanks migusan76. I also tried different blur values, but that didn't really make it more waxy.

    I guess you heard about ShaderFX ( Their subsurface scattering shader is another variation of the nVidia shader setup, and has more control for the waxiness, although I must say your skin looks a lot better. Their alien creature demo has some exaggerated waxy skin.

    Maybe their shader could give you some new ideas. But I understand if you leave it at this, in any case thanks for your work!




      i just tried your shader out tonight, and it rocks!


        hey Son, That is really awesome!! Thanks for sharing, its nice to see some use out of it.


          Originally posted by KazeoHin View Post
          Well, you may be able to remember where it's from. Maybe you have to open your mind
          That was a very good pun


            Interesting stuff.
            Have you thought about trying your hand at pre-integrated skin shading? Could be a lot more GPU-friendly, since it basically reduces things down to a lookup texture (essentially you bake a lookup texture for the skin beforehand which is basically a lighting ramp, the U coordinate is lighting and the V coordinate is skin depth).
            Could be a lot cheaper, but still get pretty good results.