ITE Bot Demo Alpha,

Extract RAR and install in C:/UDK/

IF you Previously downloaded please redownload

Game Development Details can be found HERE

Bugs = Many, for some reason cooking and packaging the game caused a **** load of bugs and problems to this game. The Menu isn't working properly, the crusher for some reason doesn't crush Also the esc, pause menu is using the default UT3 menu i don't know why its doing this. When you hit main menu in the default menu that pops up, it gets stuck at the loading screen even though the background is playing.

I haven't been able to find many bugs yet, as its not my concern at the moment, its game-play, if its fun boring, or if i am wasting my time with this game, please all comments are welcome. Just be respectful.

I'm thanking many communities member including Blade[UG] and lethal_dose for HUD help. Hopefully i will fix these problems and with the menu and stuff, but for now focus on game-play elements not on all the bugs. IF you do find bugs which im sure there are lots of, please tell me. thanks !!

Download : *HERE