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    Delve - Multiplayer Beta

    The Delve Multiplayer Beta will be released May 21st at 00:00 Hours and will support Online Play. Please check out our website and become a member for more Information.

    Special Thanks to the Delve Team:

    Recient E-Mail Blast: 12:54 am 5/20/2010:

    "Hello everyone. I hope you know that the Delve Multiplayer Beta is soon to be released! The Final release date & Time will be May 21st at 00:00 hrs. MIDNIGHT!!!. Eastern Time. So Until then please remain aware and also invite your friends to sign up and also play ONLINE or solo across our servers. So Be Prepaired and Be aware that the one guy you face, could be your pet. Batteries not included.

    Also a forum will be up about the Beta incase of any online problems that occour to help improve our capabilities.
    So happy gaming!

    Best Regards,

    Delve Manager:
    Trevor Potprocky-3D, Researcher, Music, Managment


    Special Thanks to the rest of the
    DELVE Team that helped with most research
    and Development plans:

    James West - 3D, Researcher, asistant Managment
    Geoff Hall - 3D,Researcher
    Chris Ball - Sound, Logo Design
    Jonathan Biggs - Concept Design,Researcher
    Isaac Harrell - 3D, Researcher


    Umm.. hmm. Your video appears to show off the Unity engine FPS example, with a different "level" around it. Your screenshots are a mixture of stock UTGame and stock Unity FPS, with some custom level art. Your FAQ page says that you rather like using the Unity engine.. . . and you can't do anything on your website without registering into it with a facebook id.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong. I think I'll pass on that for now, though.


      yea that video was for our first game lol sorry abour that, I didnt have enough time to create a new video and I have pictures but, I also didnt enought time to get them uploaded.. and same with the faq. Eveyrthing needs to be updated still.


        so, then, there's absolutely no information about what you have now, other than some screenshots that show stock UTGame?


          Originally posted by Blade[UG] View Post
          so, then, there's absolutely no information about what you have now, other than some screenshots that show stock UTGame?
          Its very hard to do everything at once, I hate showing screen shots of first person game play, because I am only just trying to get the concept of the idea mainly out, but I just redesigned the menu's for now, and just need some extreme help from anyone who can help me with the other things that i need done while I continue to work on the maps and possibly more.

          Since school is finaly over and getting my deploma this friday, is a lot to look forward to. But since that has happend our team is currently out of touch and Im the only one dedicated to Delve thus far. Its why the Delve BETA isnt released yet, and will purchase a license for the actual sellable copy in the future.

          The Beta consists of 3 Maps in the Current Order and By game Type:

          Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch:
          Stockpile 2-8 Players
          Vacancy 4-12 Players
          Vehicle Capture the Flag:
          Vacancy - 6-16 Players
          China Mountains - 12-24Players

          That is what the Map List contains for the demo/beta what ever you want to call it.

          But I have ran into a problem with UDK last night and it wont start UDK editor or UDK Game... So I have to fix it by re-installing it for the 3rd time...

          I know people are curious to see whats up with Delve and I was shocked poeple visited the site over 700+ times. I never would have expected that even if Jerry Louis finally decided to raise children. But The site and everything else has slowed down because of now being the Project manager, everything shifts to me. ME!... I hate cookies, but i like chocolate jk..

          I Am litiraly TRYING my best and so far its getting rough for me.

          So all Im asking is some help and some liability, and dedication, It would be excelent. But so much is on my mind right now, its destracting.

          Also for everyone else just keep your patients and I WILL GET THIS DONE AND DONE THE WAY I WANT IT!!!

          Also a small notice is on the home page:

          Thank you for reading such a long message

          P.S: Sorry, and sorry for adding this "P.S" message.