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Prometheus now available for free on Impulse.

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    Prometheus now available for free on Impulse.

    We are pleased to announce that Prometheus is now available as a free downloadable game through Impulse:

    Updates to the game from the initial UDK release should make the quantum states 100% accurate in movement (finally).


    The download seems to be malfunctioning...
    EDIT: Got it, thanks for putting the new version up on ModDB. The quantum state "playback" is indeed 100% accurate, but it still needs some work. The current issue with it is, as you might know already, that the paths of the quantum states cannot be changed, save for killing them. This means, for example, any doors shut in their way that weren't before they just phase through. Same with lifts and absence of lifts, etc.

    Good work though, it's amazingly accurate, even at low fps.