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    It's been a while since I've posted! I've been busy with my Berklee online course on audio implementation, as well as the following project...

    I designed all the sound effects and ambiences for Winged Cloud's visual novel, Sakura Fantasy, which has been released on steam today!

    You can listen to a soundreel of some my personal favourite sfx and ambiences:

    And can view the steam store page here:


      The third of a series of character themes I have written for game developer Randy Overholt (Prototeen), who on this occassion wrote the lyrics.

      This song is for the Japanese character, Yuna:


        I've been working on a endless runner demo recently. Omegalith features a rock golem running through the jungle to escape an enormous gloopy darkness!

        Listen to the OST here, demo to be released later this week.


          I made a short demo video detailing my implementation using Wwise with Unity. All audio made and implemented by me.

          Check it out here!


            Started a new project last week; writing music for upcoming side-scrolling MMO True Saga!

            Listen to the first tune here:



              The second tune I have written for side-scroller 'True Saga'

              This one is for a 'Port Town' level.



                Here's another tune written for side-scrolling MMO 'True Saga'

                This time, a chilled out smooth jazz number.



                  It's been another busy week of writing and festivals for me, but I had the chance to put this little portfolio piece together, showcasing some sound design and Wwise skills.

                  This is a shortened simulation of the adaptive ambiences I wrote for my own version of indie game Limbo. This project was done as part of my Berklee Online course, 'Game Audio Production With Wwise'.

                  There are a total of 13 separate ambience events within this composition, overlapping each other as they would in-game. The idea being, as the player moves through the different 'areas' of the game the soundtrack adapts with them, effecting their perception and experience of the game.



                    This week I've updated my sfx portfolio with some sounds from more recent projects.

                    Check it out here:



                      Another one of my pieces for my online course 'Game Audio Production with Wwise'

                      This is a linear representation of the adaptive soundtrack I wrote and implemented for the Unity game 'Angry Bots'

                      As the player moves through the level the music gains more 'layers'. It starts out with just the bass (not shown here), then orchestral strings and horns come in (00:29), if the player loses a lot of health the 'Low Health Track' comes through (1:13), and in the last room the 'Final Level' music comes in (2:09).
                      All of the layers seamlessly stack on top of one another and loop infinitely (loops at 1:13 and 2:27). In this way one piece of music will change and evolve with the players experience without negatively affecting the 'flow' of the game.


                      You can see a video of this music, with sfx as well, here:


                        I've been pretty busy working on some new projects the last month or so. Here's a little peak at what I've been up to.

                        A new track for an as-yet-untitled project. This piece was inspired by other Electronic/Orchestral soundtracks such as Binding Of Isaac and Risk Of Rain


                        Plus... You can now play my Limbo demo for yourself! All the sound effects, music and ambiences were created and implemented by me using Wwise.
                        As you move through the level the adaptive-ambience-soundtrack with change depending on where the player is and events occuring.
                        This is a windows-only demo I'm afraid.


                        I'll be posting my Angry Bots demo soon as well...


                          Last week I took part in the Procrastination game jam, making retro sound effects for this megaman-inspired sidescroller, Lazy Backventure!

                          It's still a work in progress, so more will follow...

                          Play it (and leave a comment) here:



                            All of last week I was making pig and dinosaur noises!

                            The pigs were for an upcoming mobile game, you canhear the first soundtrack piece here:


                            The Dinosaurs were the beginning of my work with Arcupion Art, making sound for their game Dinosaurs: A Prehistoric Adventure



                              So the holidays are over and now we are in 2016!

                              But work didn't stop for me...

                              I've been working on a retro fighting game called Rising Legends - early dev here

                              I've also been working with the publishing company Medkidz, on a few new projects that I can't disclose fully just yet

                              Finally I have a new SFX demo, this time an audio mock-up of Dungeon Hunter 5 using my own sounds.


                                Here's a second audio mock-up video to follow on from my Dungeon Hunter 5 one last week.

                                This is a UI sound effects demo for the mobile game Star Wars Galactic Defense.