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    Freelancer Unreal Programmer


    I'm offering my services as a freelancer programmer for UDK and actually anything else that involves programming.
    I have years of experience in unrealscripting and the UDK itself, you can check my Unreal portfolio here:

    I'm also highly skilled in html5, javascript, C# and other languages commonly used in game development.

    My experience in UDK range from custom game types:

    To AI systems:

    And even touch devices:

    My prices are very affordable even for independent developers, so don't be shy to ask for an estimate!

    Please do not contact me or insist about royalty or free projects, I wouldn't be able to help even if I wanted to because of my schedule.

    Thanks in advance!

    Contact: saishydragos at gmail

    I just posted a help-wanted thread.

    Im currently looking for a Unreal Script programmer. I have some money set aside for a salary for the position, it's not alot money, but it what i can afford. I was hoping to have someone commit to 3months of work on it and launch end of summer.

    contact me if you would like to know more.


      Bu mp!


        I'd be interested for my project. It's a class-based multiplayer game with basic skill trees and a campaign-based conditional map cycle system. We have a majority of the build working but we'd need a lot of class/dmg code and basically have the game re-written from where we were with new melee system implementation and such.

        We'd try to framework it so a designer can tweak variables without us constantly having to come back to you to hook up new guys, or variations on classes. Possibly make use of archtypes and other industry-level things.

        I work on triple-A unreal titles so it wouldn't be too hard to come up with cost-effective solutions, this is my own side project I've been trying to get done since college so don't really have a bankroll for it but worth looking into.


          Okay, just send me a mail with the details later!


            I sent you a detailed email highlighting a bulk of what would need to be done.


              Shameless bump!


                Friendly bump for this guy. Contracted him out to do a few things for me, and while it's not finished yet, he's been extremely flexible and communicative the whole time. Going faster and looks better than I expected, definitely recommend.


                  Bump 'ed!



                    Pricing is lightly even for indies!


                      Thanks everyone for the jobs,



                        I will be traveling through Europe right now until 10 august so I'm unable to accept new offers right now.

                        But please feel free to drop questions and prepare your project for when I have available time.

                        Thanks in advance,