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Unrealscript Programmer looking for freelance work.

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    Unrealscript Programmer looking for freelance work.



    I am a multi-skilled, fairly experienced Unreal Engine (Self-taught) developer where I specialize in Gameplay Programming via Unrealscript as well as having Technical Art skills such as developing Shaders and tools. I am located in the Kingdom of Bahrain – Middle East and I'm 28 years old. I’m seeking working part-time, remotely, where I can secure 15 – 20 hours of work load on a weekly basis.


    1- Unrealscript fluency: Most of my experience revolves around it where I handled successfully things like:
    • Player Movements, Camera and Controls
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Networking/Replication
    • Weapons
    • Custom Kismet nodes and custom Animtree nodes
    • Custom actors
    • HUD and Menus

    2- Material/Shader Creation: Ability to tackle challenging shaders and to create master shaders that provide artist-friendly options for tweaking and be used across a category (or more) of assets via Material Instances.

    3- Own a deep understanding of the Unreal Editor and its various tools, such as:
    • Material Editor
    • Animset Editor
    • Animtree Editor
    • Unreal Lightmass
    • Unreal Kismet

    4- Conscious about performance: able to identify bottlenecks and advise on optimizations.

    5- Exceptional communication skills with other departments given my strong general background of the engine and awareness of different roles that exist in a game development environment.

    6- Team player attitude: proactive in helping other team members to better understand the engine and its tools as well as giving feedback and addressing issues.

    7- Other programming languages that I worked with in the past:
    • C/C++
    • VB.NET / VB 6.0
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Databases (SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, MySQL)

    8- Strong understanding of OOP concepts.

    Portfolio/Resume/Contact Information:

    Note: Only paid contracts please.


    Bump. Still looking.


      Bump. Still looking.


        Available again for new adventures!


          Bump. Available again!


            Updated portfolio.

            Note: Fully booked for now. Thanks for contacting and interest!