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Cyberpunk FPSRTS Looking for Artists/Modelers/Mappers!

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  • Cyberpunk FPSRTS Looking for Artists/Modelers/Mappers!

    To clarify: This is technically a royalty job, upon launch and sale of Kousei all team members will receive royalties on each purchase.

    To keep anyone from wasting their time: We're looking for free help, people that are wanting to help out of interest and entertainment. I can sporadically pay team members for their work when I have cash, but there are no promises and you should regard this as non-paid work if you don't want to end up disappointed/upset.

    For the past 6~ months a friend and I have been working on a game called Kousei. Inspired by the Neotokyo source mod, we decided to try our hand at creating a game, set in a futuristic neotokyo. We plan a full singleplayer campaign as well as multiplayer. Singleplayer will be a fairly straightforward first person shooter whose entertainment value is derived through passive RPG elements (Sort of like a non-RPG, you don't have stats but you can mold your character by purchasing items and through interaction with the environment and its characters), and the storyline. Multiplayer will consist of a round-based FPS/RTS. Two teams have an objective (Capture an item, Capture points, Eliminate enemy team), and consist of 1 Commander per team, with the rest of the players taking the role of a footsoldier with unique abilities and traits. The Commander views the battlefield in a top-down, RTS view, giving him the ability to oversee and direct his troops via Waypoints with different objectives/labels. Players choose a class and purchase weapons at the beginning of each round. Classes are defined by abilities and traits rather than weapon loadout. The Commander will direct troops with waypoints and communicating important information to his team. Meanwhile, equipped with a multitude of traditional freerunning/parkour maneuvers to help make movement fast, fluid, and enjoyable, players make their way throughout the map to complete their Commander assigned objectives for cash bonuses.

    We desperately need artists (For concept art and texturing) and animators/modelers. We have no assets, and as much as I hate to come in and bug you guys with another "please help make game " thread, we'd really appreciate any help we can get. We've tried to recruit in the past but in the end our artists never delivered on anything, so we're still going solo with the project.

    To show that we're serious and if nothing else, dedicated, I put together a video showing off some of the freerunning features that are implemented. One thing that should be noted is that this is all WIP, subject to change, and the map is not representative of our target art style at all. I just threw together a clean looking map for the sake of this video because default textures just feel cheesy.

    A quick summary of the story:

    Set in a dystopian neo-tokyo in 2042, the story follows Yusei Kirihara, a detective for the Tokyo Police Department anti-terrorism unit who is thrown into the turmotulous world of backdoor politics and internal conflict. After a desperate ceasefire ended the long and bloody civil war with the Hinomaru Nationalist Party, a militant group leading an army of former terrorist cells, the Japanese anxiously wait for the HNP to make a move. With nothing but a UN peacekeeping force in the DMZ, the Japanese government watches as an impending war looms in the distance. Working alongside foreign intelligence agencies, Detective Kirihara is tasked against a wave of terrorist activity from both the nationalists and the WPA, a radical left-wing insurgent group, but soon discovers the Nationalist Party's rise to power is more complicated than anyone could ever know.
    In a nutshell we're working on a game and we need artists both 3D and 2D. If anyone is interested or has questions, please PM me/post.

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    Wow, you guys made that free-running system with Uscript?! NICE, wish I had it too...


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      That looks really nice, It somewhat reminds me of Qube gone parkour, Keep up the good work...


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        Obviously you'll get some people drawing the comparison between Mirrors Edge and Brink, but I like the intuitive motion you have there. No doubt you guys will get lots of applications from very talented people with a promising project like that.


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          I'm always interested in creating some more sci-fi next-gen art assets. Give me a message or an email if you still need art. I can do complex UDK shaders and Environment Art. I can also do FX, minor kismet, and rigging/animating - but those are more just side skills that might come in handy. I'm sitting around creating a lot of this crap in my spare time anyway to further round out my portfolio - So if you want some help and you don't mind me using everything in my portfolio as payment, then I'm down. Unless you got a publisher backing you, don't bother with pay, it's not cool to squeeze unfunded devs imo.


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            Thanks to everyone that has offered to help out so far! We've received numerous offers and we're proud to have added a handful or so new members to the team! If anyone else is interested, we're still looking for all the help we can get!


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              Are you in need for a composer for the soundtrack?


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                Originally posted by nascent View Post
                Are you in need for a composer for the soundtrack?
                Definitely! Send me a PM if you'd like to help out.


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                  Hey man, I sent you a pm about some coop stuff, please tell me when you get it and I would love to talk over email.


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                    The game seems like it has potential though I couldn't get much from such a brief description. I gave you an email about volunteering some work for level building, get back to me if your interested. cyaz


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                      Your project looks awesome, i definatley help out with interesting ideas with level designs and will be full on dedicated


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                        Wish I could see it. Youtube is blocked at my location.


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                          Hey everyone, bumping this because we're looking for another wave of recruits to help us out.

                          In the time that has passed we've gathered a great art team, set up a nice little BBS for everyone to communicate with, and gotten a lot done gameplay wise. Kousei is now networked and the team has had a bit of fun running about test levels in multiplayer shooting at people while we bounce off walls and slide under tables.

                          Right now we're looking specifically for programmers and modelers, though if you have any other skills feel free to contact me, we're always looking for talent!

                          For most of this project I've been handling all of the programming and scripting (As well as various other tasks like UI design and things like that) myself, but with my work schedule becoming a bit more hectic and busy lately, I find it a bit difficult to contribute as much as I used to. Because of this we're looking for some programmers/scripters to join the team and help fill in where I'm unable to, and help push the Kousei codebase forward consistently. I'll be available almost 24/7 to help explain the existing codebase, give you new goals and tasks, and contribute code and advice to help get things done. If you're looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your existing knowledge of UnrealScript, or help solidify and advance your understanding of it, all while working on an exciting and promising project, feel free to PM me or shoot me an email at so we can get you started!

                          To our potential modelers and 3D artists: Recently we've taken on a horde of concept artists who have all been working day and night on impressive concept work that we're excited to see come to life. Unfortunately we only recruited a handful of 3D artists in our initial recruitment push, some of whom were unable to bring us consistently high quality work and contribute regularly due to schedule conflicts. So we're looking very eagerly for 3D artists and animators to join us and help bring the art team's work to life!

                          For the sake of secrecy we'd rather not release much art right now, but just so any potential 3D artists can have a gauge of what they'll be working with, here's a quick painting done by one of our artists, Ben Jackson: