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Technical Artist, Will Work for Help.

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  • Technical Artist, Will Work for Help.

    I'm primarily a character rigger, however I am looking to go into other venues, mainly animation. I figured now would be a good time to offer my skills to fellow developers.

    In exchange, I'm only really looking for help for my game. I feel that the help I need is rudimentary UDK stuff, but I still need help regardless.

    My website is located here, along with my demo reel and resume.


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    I am interested, email me here: and we can talk about exchanging help.


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      Still available to do a few more projects.


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        Can work on a few more projects. If you are unable to provide coding help, then I am able to work for relatively low rates that are negotiable. I can provide a quick turnaround for skinned meshes.


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          Hey I might be able to offer a little coding help in exchange for some modeling assistance. You can check out the add for what we need in my other thread: and I can also give you some more information. Let me know what you are needing and if you are interested. I looked at your site and you have some impressive stuff. Also you should let me know your rates as well, in case I am not able to help with your coding. You can PM me or just email me at


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            hey Leo was up man, your rig is working pretty fine on our models, people this guy is quite great on his work .


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              juguefre? eres el juguefre que creo que eres (unreales )


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                Originally posted by FURIA View Post
                juguefre? eres el juguefre que creo que eres (unreales )
                Si el mismo, Furia.....? no te he visto con este nick, como es tu nick en unreales?


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                  My schedule has freed up a bit, though I don't know for how long. I've gotten some responses and did quite a bit of work and I'm eager to do more. This message is also for anyone out there that doesn't seem to have a technical artist on hand as well. If you're in need of a quick rig to a biped skeleton, I can skin to a basic Max Biped in as little as a day, maybe a few hours if the character is symmetrical, I can also provide a MotionBuilder FBX with characterization setup for those of you that use mocap, in the same vein, I can retarget from one animation to another and send you your animated mesh with the animation baked in the skeleton.

                  Thanks guys!


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                    I am working on a modern concept FPS with dragons and cat-people, something like the film "Reign of fire", but in the jungle. All in manga-style. Here's some concept and how the project is going so far:
                    If you're interested, send me a PM or a mail at