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Fraktured games is Seeking an Experienced Level Designer and UI designer

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  • Fraktured games is Seeking an Experienced Level Designer and UI designer


    I am not going to waist a lot of your time with a story, specs, pics, and what not. If you would like to see that part of our game, please go here or here. You can find almost anything you would like to know about our game there. If not, PM me and I can give you more information.

    Experienced Level Designer

    I will list below some qualifications and knowledge needed for the position.

    Landscape system
    Materials and Decals
    Basic MP Level flows and bottlenecks
    Vertex Painting
    Particles and Cascade

    We are now entering the thresh hold of game testing, and we need a very competent level designer that can follow directions, and improvise as well. You will be working very close with myself and the Lead Uscriptor. The level designer will be working with a newly written code that is unique and very different from the UTGame code. We have some tools(IE uscript classes) that will help you in testing of the level too.

    UI Designer

    Experience preferred

    Action Script 3.0
    Scaleform, and the import process to UDK.

    This will be a very interesting adventure for any decent UI/HUD artist. There will be several menu's ingame, and a very complex hud system needed. Most, if not all will need to be completed in Scaleform. The position comes with a lot of artist freedom. You will be given a basic layout, and then you will be free to improvise and use your creative talents to bring your own personal touch to the game. You will be creating at least 4 different HUD,s and 4 variations of one of them. So 8 in all. If you are intrigued, and would like to know more, give me a pm and I will get back to you.

    Also, all payment is Royalty, and will be a percentage of game sales. If the game does well enough on PC, we will then port it over to iOS. and from there reassess it.

    We at Fraktured are not a professional team. We are all self taught, and are still learning. That being said, we do try our best to keep to the Workflow and pipelines that were introduces by the Professional sector. We are more of a big family, than a company. We have fun, and help each other when ever possible.

    Looking forward to working with you.


    Lee Coates

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    You guys have some amazing prep work done in your GDD thread and that. I've found that AI programmers are the hardest people to find, it might go a long way to show them in this thread here how well into the project you are and how serious you guys are doing what you're doing.. Just my 2 cents.


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      I found the GDD to be lacking really...but in terms of the average indie dev, it's fairly decent.


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        The GDD serves it's purpose. We are not a 300 member professional team working on a $100,000,000 project. Most Indie's do not need a very detailed GDD because of the team cohesion and communication. Also, this leaves for the team mates individuality to come out in the finished product. I have feeling that a lot of indies are working this way.


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          300 employees? $100 million? That many resources is not needed in order for the lead game designer to do his job.

          Don't get me wrong, having a basic GDD is fine. But what you have now is far from "amazing prep work", which would mean yes, I was directing the comment at Ironbelly, not you.


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            Thanks Traverity, Sorry for misunderstanding your post. I know it is not needed, but a lot of AAA title game do use that amount, and a couple of studio's have used that many people. I was pointing out extreme's. But since you were not speaking to me this conversation is moot.

            We have had 2 very talented Concept artists and 2 Character artists join the team this week. The positions above are still open.