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Project BoomBox - Looking for Concept Artists & More for Prototyping

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  • Project BoomBox - Looking for Concept Artists & More for Prototyping

    Hey everyone!

    We're currently looking for a concept artist (among other positions) for our 2 1/2D Platformer "Boombox".

    What we're doing:

    High Concept Document - BoomBox

    From the High Concept:
    Boombox is an innovative 2 1/2D action-platformer,featuring a unique character and fresh gameplay mechanics. The protagonist is a blind boy in his early teens, who has the ability to “see” his environment with the help of soundwaves - comparable to comic book superhero Dare Devil. To always have a reliable source of sound with him at all times, he carries a massive ghettoblaster, referred to as his “boombox”, to be able to navigate his environment sure-fotted.
    Boombox is a pastime project - many of us are employed full-time at studios that rely on us, so naturally, we won't be able to dedicated 20 hours a week (although we'd love to!); However, we'd like to finish this project by the end of this Year to an extent, that allows us to have people play it, give feedback and optimize it. We are planning on releasing it via the App store as an App for iOS devices, IF the project makes it through the prototype phase, and given that it's how we expect it to be : a unique game, both visually and gameplay-wise.
    Should this happen, royalties will be paid, of course, to any participating Teammember!

    BUT it's a long way till that happens, so let's first of all introduce ourselves, and see for yourself whether we're worthy to work for/with !

    Who we are:

    We’re a small group of three former students at the Games Academy Berlin majoring in Game Design and Game Art & Animation; All of us have worked with the Unreal Engine 3 as part of full time student projects, some of these project earning nominations and some even winning second place at the German Developer Award as Newcomer of the year.

    The Team:

    Core Team
    Nils (J.D.) - Tech artist & content design Intern at Infernum Studios, Berlin
    Game Design, Technical Artist (Asset Creation)
    Micha - UDK Guru and tutor at the Games Academy Berlin for the Unreal Developer Kit
    Game Design, Technical Artist (UDK) & Level Design
    Hanno - VFX Artist at Yager Development, Berlin
    Shader Artist & VFX

    Cool new, awesome people who joined since the 29th Jan.:
    Daniel -3D Env Artist at Bigpoint, Hamburg.
    3D Env Artist
    Arne - Coding Genius (won 2nd place at "Make something Unreal" contest)
    Alex - Junior VFX at Allods
    3D Env Artist & VFX

    Hows the project being managed:

    We're using Wunderkit as our primary task management tool; tasks, notes and updates are all posted on there. It's currently in open Beta, so if
    you don't know the tool, have a look at it here: .
    Meetings are held weekly to keep track on tasks etc, as well as constantly keeping in touch via skype chat.
    File management is being handled via dropbox for now, depending on how this turns out to work for us, we may use a svn server.

    Why you should join us:

    Besides having a ton of experience with non-profit projects (a combined track record of 10 student projects) we’re eager to learn new schtuff, push the boundaries and escape our comfort zone – cuz we know, that’s where the magic happens. We’re determined to create a great gaming experience, along with appealing visuals, and, as a team, want to thrive in our work. And we’d like YOU to thrive with us.

    Furthermore, our project stands out among the usual "FPS-awesome-story" projects, as genre, mechanics and art style are all three relatively untouched by modders & other pastime projects within the UDK community (correct me if I am wrong, thx!). We want to build something truly new and unique,but at least beyond ordinary and average.

    Who we’re looking for and for what

    Concept Artists
    To further build-up our game concept, we’ll need a concept artist create mood pics of the shader, brainstorm on the art style with our designers and be responsible to help shape the visuals of our game from vaguely sketched out, to mind-blowingly awesome – or as close as possible to that .

    3D Artist (Character)
    You’ll be tasked with creating NPCs, enemies and the protagonist, texturing and modeling them, and implementing your creations into the UDK. You’ll start working as soon as the artstyle and bible is determined.

    3D Animator
    You’ll be tasked with creating animations for all NPCs, enemies and the protagonist, and implementing your creations into the UDK. You’ll start working as soon as the artstyle and bible is determined, and the character is available in lowpoly.

    What we’d like to see from you:

    - A portfolio or any reference work you might have.

    Show off, we like bad-ass people! Anything from projects, to art portfolios, demoreels, code or rigs.

    - A couple of hours every week you’re willing to dedicate to our project.

    We’re not expecting a full-time commitment, but 3-4 hours a week would be favorable; If you can tell as an absolute minimum of hours you're able to invest each week, that's what we'll plan with. Anythign from 2 hours+ is just fine.

    -strong communicational skills and a creative mind.

    We expect you to voice your opinion and give feedback whenever you have any; we’re doing this primarily because we want to learn more about the engine, the workflows and ourselves – this can only be achieved by being very communicative. Also, we believe that just because you’re a coder, doesn’t mean you don’t know squat about art, or just because you’re an artist, your opinion on game mechanics doesn’t matter – you might not have a solution in field outside of your profession, but you might as well give us an insight that lets the other one solve a problem faster and/or better.

    -Speak & write english fluently

    Goes hand-in-hand with the previous point; you need to be able to communicate, and quite frankly that works best with a language everyone understands; We’re not going to gangrape you for grammar errors (hell, look at this post, that should be evidence enough. ), but you should be able to bring your point across.

    If we’ve peaked your interest and you’d like to apply for a position in our team, simply shoot me a pm or post below. Don't be scared off by our employers, backgrounds of experience! We're all noobs in something, and maybe YOU can teach us a thing or two in something!
    We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

    J.D. & the Rated_A Team
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    got yourself a concept document. Bonus points for that as it shows the project is not without some form of organisation and planning Gives people a good idea of the game itself as well, so kudos for taking that step. Now what about showing people that as a group or a company you are worth the risk of investing months of their life? You'd be well off to edit the OP and tell the community a little about yourself, about your company, why yuo feel that this project versus the 100 others posted today has a good chance of success, etc etc.

    All put up in detail here:


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      How are you bumping this without adding replies?


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        i just applied for 3D Designer and Concept artist on tumblr and i think i send you a message here too... write back, if you can need my help


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          Concept Artists & Animators, where are youuuu? Need m04r 1337 peeps!

          To keep up to date with more news & open positions, check out our devblog at

          Keep those portfolios coming!

          Thx again for your attention!
          JD & Rated_A