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Experienced 3D Artist, available for freelance

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    Experienced 3D Artist, available for freelance

    Hello all!

    I am a 3D artist with over 4 years of experience in the industry and with the unreal engine. I specialize in character/creature modeling and texturing with a realistic style. I have no problem doing other graphical styles along with any technical budgets. I'm good with material and shader creation in the unreal editor, particle effects, post effects and more.

    I'm currently working for a game company that let me do this as a side-thing. I have no plans to leave the company I'm working at, only looking for extra freelance work in my sparetime.

    What i offer:

    High quality organic models of all sort; characters, creatures, zombies, dragons, aliens etc. You name it. From Highpoly to optimized Lowpoly with great texture maps and very good topology. I can work from concept art or reference images with descriptions or freestyle.

    Lowpoly models.

    Weapon and armor models; guns, swords, shields, siege weapons, high-tech etc.

    Props and environment models; vegetation, buildings, furniture, statues etc.

    3D concepting and visual effects concepts; unique creatures and cool visuals.

    Promotion artwork and 3D illustrations.

    I can only take on Paid work, and no royalty projects at this time.

    Please PM me or contact me via skogsbr4nd [at] gmail [dot] com. Present your ideas and we can discuss prices and how long it takes. My rates depend on wheather it's short or long-term, fun-factor and what project. Always respecting your concerns about privacy.

    Looking forward to make stuff!


    Great work as always SkogsBr4nd. I can highly recommend working with this guy, very professional!! =)


      Thank you mQe for those kind words! It's always a pleasure to work with you as well! :]

      I'm still available and searching for more exciting projects and assignments!

      Here is an update with some Zbrush models.


        Bump, available again! Lately I've been making characters for UDK-projects and also iOS-characters and graphics. Now I'm looking for more assignments!


          Bump, Looking for even more! The past few months I've been doing characters/monsters for different UDK-projects and a MMO, iOS-characters and effects.