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Renegade - Action 3PS Medieval Combat

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    Renegade - Action 3PS Medieval Combat


    Renegade is an intense action packed third person medieval combat game. It utilizes traditional combo style attacks while incorporating innovative game play mechanics to bring a new style of third person melee combat. Renegade will be a solely multiplayer game including numerous amount of traditional and completely original game modes to play. We will be incorporating intuitive concepts from other games as well as original content to provide a unique gaming experience. Renegade will be aiming to reach qualitative visuals and play feel while being portrayed in a historical setting.

    The time frame of the environments and characters will be in the classic Medieval time period. The theme of the game play and combat mechanics will strongly emphasize brutality and skill. We want the feel of the game to allow players to feel badass while playing a game that incorporates elements from third person action RPG's and MMO's to become an original game.

    Renegade's innovation will to be an addictive multiplayer game people want to play over and over again where new tactics and strategy arise from every battle. There will be an sizeable arsenal of weapons to choose from including Swords, Daggers, Spears, Hammers, Scythes, and more. Also there will be a variety of Armors to choose from including special armor sets and exclusive armor pieces. To establish a RPG feel we will have three different character classes to choose from to accommodate play styles: Brawler (Agile), Fighter (Normal), and Brute (Strength). Players will be able to customize a variety of options for their weapons, characters, and game preferences. There will be a carefully designed system for unlock-able content for players to accumulate play time and skill to earn and keep renewing an enjoyable gaming experience.

    Major features in Renegade that make it a original game are its combat system which brings a combo attack system into a multiplayer setting. We have numerous amounts of game modes that include traditional modes and truly original modes to emphasize Renegade's ideals. The unlock-able content you must complete Eulogies (similar to Challenges) to obtain more weapons, armor, and special abilities. The feel of the combat will be cinematic as it is skillful and makes the player feel like they're being a brutal badass. On the social end, we will enable players to form Clans and fight as a team. Renegade brings elements of intuitive concepts from different games to bring a fun and addicting game.

    We will be adding content and visual previews as they come!


    Positions in grey are not available right now, but will be available soon.
    We won't be picky or strict for our applicants. Simply this is a chance especially for first time or senior indie go-ers to join a team and get a game out there.

    Attach a resume or portfolio with your application and whatever else documentation you feel to share with us to help you.
    Send applications to

    - Universal Qualifications -
    Though some of these are not required, they will give you a foothold
    • Experience working with an Indie team
    • Completing deadlines in a timely manner
    • Experience and familiarity with UDK
    • Formidable experience in your area of interest
    • Familiar with Dropbox and have an account ready to accept file sharing
    • Have a Skype account to communicate with the team

    - Animators/Riggers -
    Animators will be bringing the 3D modeled characters to life with a variety of animations needed to accommodate the characters moves. It's a major plus if you can animate & rig, but we will accept either.

    - 3D Modeler -
    Modelers will be using 3dsMax or Maya depending on your preference. You'll be designing organic characters and non-organic materials like weapons and misc objects, whichever your experience and interest would favor. There will also be an area for Environmental modelers. We will definitely require some samples of previous work for modelers.

    - UI Artist -
    UI Artists will be designing the graphics for the in-game HUD along with creating menu's and other visual elements. Scaleform experience is a plus since it is the main platform for our UI. Flash experience is a must because you will be designing your graphics and animations with it.

    - Sound Artist -
    Sound artists will be making the assets needed to bring the audible experience to the game. The majority of your work will be making sound effects for weapons, environments, and ambiance. We no longer require a musical soundtrack composer.

    - Programmer -
    Programmers will need to know the foundations of Uscript. We will accept programmers to specify in Multiplayer support and possibly general Uscript. For networking insight we plan to be using steamworks, so experience with it is a plus

    - 2D Artists - (Only looking for environmental concept artists. Doing both is a plus!)
    2D Artists will be designing conceptual work for a range of art including environments, characters, weapons, and misc objects. Artistic samples will be required in your application so we can determine if your art style accommodates our settings


    To view more images, head to

    Visit our Website!:


      Sounds nice


        2D Artist positions filled. Looking for at least one more modeler!


          First armor set drawn up. Hope ya'll like and spark some interest. Don't be afraid to apply for a greyed position for we will want to capture potential talent as well


            More art and positions coming up!


              This is looking legit :0


                PM sent regarding any 3D roles going.


                  Positions opened up & updated as well as another armor set concept!
                  Thanks for all the interest


                    Email sent. Art looks awesome!


                      Positions updated and the first fully completed weapon set drawn. More to come!


                        Some more concept art for you guys!


                          Team is almost filled. Lots of hype building! Become apart of the developers.


                            More art up! Got some environments drawn up as well now


                              Need a voice actor that can also double as a script writer/ story writer? If you're interested, I'll show you some of my previous work. If you want, you can probably view a thread I started on the Gears of War 3 section. It garnered high praise, and it's the first thing of mine that you can see without a portfolio.