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    Warm Gun - Now Hiring


    The royalty positions listed in this specific forum post are still open. In addition to these four positions, we are also offering paid, contractual work for programmers with a specific skillset. Please refer to the fourth post down for information regarding paid positions.

    Emotional Robots, Inc. is an independent, self-funded development house whose focus is creating high impact next generation games. Our current project, Warm Gun, was a finalist for the Make Something Unreal contest, and is currently on the forefront of both iOS and Android development. To build on its achievements and share in its future successes, Emotional Robots is looking for dedicated, self-motivated talent to join the ranks.

    We favor diversity, creativity and the desire to succeed as a team. If you’ve got the skills and drive, you’ll have the opportunity to help release the company's first next-generation, multi-platform title. Warm Gun utilizes the full source code of Unreal Engine 3, so the opportunities to learn and progress are endless.


    We have a few new positions open, all of which involve working on multiple platforms. Expect to get your hands dirty on both mobile and PC development. Any developer who contributes something which makes it into the final release of Warm Gun will get shipped game credits for the affected platforms. We offer royalties and credits for any developer who gives a meaningful contribution to a shipped version of Warm Gun. This is remote employment and the majority of our business and development is done over Skype through phone conferences and group text chat.

    Here are our current openings:

    Now Hiring: Character Animator
    We are looking for a professional character animator who works in Maya and can animate our last two PC characters as well as polish our mobile animations. Mobile limitations are 75 bones or less and 2 or less weight influences. All characters and weapons are professionally rigged and weighted - all you need to worry about are the animations. Applicants will also need to have a working knowledge of the Unreal import and setup process for animations.

    Now Hiring: Gameplay Programmer
    We are looking for a professional gameplay programmer who has previous experience working in Kismet, UnrealScript and C++. We have full access to the Unreal Engine 3 source, but most of the applicant's work won't require editing source code. A knowledge of UE3 source is a huge benefit though.

    Now Hiring: User Interface / HUD Artist
    We are looking for a professional interface artist that can polish and finish our menu screens. Custom interfaces for 'Options' menus and 'Extra Features' menus are examples. Our HUD is mostly complete but could use more polish.

    Now Hiring: Website Admin / Web Designer
    We are looking for a professional web designer who can edit and update our current websites to fit our continual game updates and create/maintain a solid back-end infrastructure to support purchasing tools within our website (pre-orders, merchandise, etc). We would also like to make our websites 100% compatible with mobile devices, so experience in creating websites that can handle multiple platforms is a big bonus.


    We've highlighted the main responsibilities associated with each position, but for a complete job description and instructions on how to apply, please click the red text link associated with your position of interest.


    Warm Gun iOS and Warm Gun PC
    Warm Gun Website

    Have a need for a sound designer?


      Hi lorbid
      At this time we are currently just looking to fill the positions posted.


        Paid positions are listed in this post:

        Emotional Robots is now hiring programmers to help finalize the following coding tasks (all iOS based):

        - NAT Negotiation (network programming - basic to intermediate)
        - Server/Client Replication (network programming - basic to intermediate)
        - Performance tracking and resolution (requires some additional art/design knowledge)
        - AI using Navmeshes/Pylons (an existing structure is already set up - this will just be polishing and adding more robust functionality)
        - Menu implementation (functionality of the Options menus, lobby menus, etc.)
        - Misc. things I forgot to list or haven't been uncovered yet from testing
        - Preparation and deployment to Android devices (we have dev kits)

        We aren't necessarily looking for one programmer to do all of these tasks. Please email employment[at]emotionalrobots[dot]com if you are able to help us with one or more of the items on this list. Each task will have a start and end date as well as a dollar amount tied to it - if any one programmer completes more than two of the above mentioned tasks, additional royalties will be granted on top of payment.

        We are working with the full source code of Unreal Engine, but most of the work required to accomplish these tasks can be done in UnrealScript or by making minor variable edits to the code base. All applicants must know a recent form of Unreal technology, UnrealScript and C++ for games or networking. Incredible preference will be given to those who can also compile Xcode.

        As always, employment would be remote-based. A working knowledge of Skype and Subversion is required.


          are you in need of a level designer?


            I can help you with replication part. Just send me PM if you are interested in my services.

            My work:
   (mod for unreal engine 1 based game)
   (programmed all gameplay)
            and several hired projects...


              We're still hiring for all positions listed. Beta testing has started and our testers are finding some great bugs and gameplay issues to fix!