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Cocked, looking for an Animator and Programmer

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    Cocked, looking for an Animator and Programmer

    Hi all,

    My name's Martin Donald, I'm a sound designer and composer and I've been working solo on a UDK project of my own for the past few weeks.

    The game is called 'Cocked' and it's an adult comedy based around a gun-weilding cockerel who finds himself in all sorts of unlikely scenarios which he must blast, platform and puzzle his way out of. The game is also cell-shaded for the most part.

    I'm not recruiting a full team for now, just people to carry out essential tasks to get the game into a playable state, later on a texture artist and perhaps a modeller will be required, but for now here's what I'm after.

    Animator - The characters (most importantly the main character) need animating and put into the game. Getting our hero animated and turned into a usable pawn is the biggest priority.

    Programmer(s) - I need someone to lay out the gameplay's foundations (ie, classes for a health system, pickups, inventory, weapons etc). A firm grasp of UnrealScript is really essential here.

    When the game finally goes to commercial release anyone who contributes towards the completion of the game will of course be entitled to a proportional amount of royalties.

    The Game Thus Far
    Here is the layout of a level I made in UDK which is designed to slot directly into the finished game, it's the first section of a level named 'Chickenburger Hill' and it's set in (you guessed it!) 1960's Vietnam.

    So that should give you an quick idea as to how the game is played out, screenshots of that level can be seen on the image I put at the beginning of this thread.

    If anyone's interested in getting involved with this don't hesitate to contact me via the contact details below and I'll give you all the info you need to get started,

    skype: martin.donald7

    Various Screenshots! (because everyone loves screenshots)

    Our Hero

    A Golden Egg, you collect these to unlock new levels, like the gold stars in Mario 64/Galaxy.

    A crate of Whoop-***! In Chickenburger Hill these are what you fire from the mortar cannon.

    Hope you all like what you see!

    Martin D.

    ha this is cool, reminds me of duke nukem, good luck on the project


      Well it took a few hours of placing bones and painting skin weights but I finally have my cockerel rigged!

      Here's a quick vid of the 'idle' animation I put together and placed in my UDK 'test-level';

      The wings look a bit odd in that position without the usual M16s attached but I decided to make them proper socketed weapons, as even though I don't plan on having any other 'traditional' weapons in the game it leaves it open to development at a later date.

      If any animators are watching and fancy having a go at getting this guy doing things other than 'idling' do get in touch! He is properly rigged with zero unwanted deformation at natural angles and is ready for animating!


      EDIT: Linked to a better video with weapons attached.


        This project looks FUN!


          Originally posted by Wikened View Post
          This project looks FUN!
          Fun is what I'm aiming for, because if it's not fun, it's not worth playing!

          For example, one thing I've done entirely in Kismet just this week was scripted a 'whac-a-mole' type minigame ready to drop right into a level, just as something else fun you can do during play to break it all up a bit.

          A bit of humour also goes a long way to increasing the fun-factor so instead of 'Whac-a-Mole' I've called it 'Soviet Smash!' and the guys that pop-up are little Hitlers. My dry British sense of humour will come through a lot in this game XD

          Here's a pic of it;

          It's still missing the back-panel for displaying the score but I'm working on it!

          (Also has a 'Whack-a-Nazi' variant styling, artwork needs more work.)



            I really like the concept and art style for this game! It sort of reminds me of looks like a mix between crash bandicoot and borderlands.

            Good luck on the project!


              Originally posted by DonaldM View Post
              I really like the concept and art style for this game! It sort of reminds me of looks like a mix between crash bandicoot and borderlands.

              Good luck on the project!
              Two IMMENSE games!


                email sent


                  Originally posted by PsychotropicDog View Post
                  email sent
                  Email not received! It went to my spam folder for some reason, reading it now


                    Good Luck

                    This is not exactly my kind of project, but it looks very interesting and I wish you luck in your endeavor.