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Programmer To Code A Top Down Shooter

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  • Programmer To Code A Top Down Shooter

    I am looking to hire someone to build a top down shooter for iOS platform. I just need you to build the engine of the game to the point where I can take it and tweak all the guns, abilities, enemies etc... to the way I want them.

    This game will feature the following:

    Level based where the enemies start off slow, easy to kill, and low in numbers and get incremently faster, harder to kill and more coming each level.

    There will be no store, or upgrades to purchase, all items and abilities are obtained randomly through drops throughout each level and last only 30 secs each.

    Basic HUD display showing lives, kills, points, and 1 or 2 other misc things.

    Controls like the jazz the jack rabbit dual joystiq, one to move the other to look/shoot.

    7 different enemy types including one boss. These are all basic zombie melee type enemies with one that has a ranged puke attack. The boss doesn't have any crazy abilities either so coding him wont be too much of a worry.

    9 unique special abilities like extra life, speed boost, electric forcefield, nuke. Some of these may be time consuming but we will discuss these further.

    10 different weapon types like your basic default assault rifle, shotgun, rpg, sniper, flame thrower, grenade launcher, laser etc...

    4 morph abilities where the character changes into something like a tank, or helicopter for a brief period.

    I will be supplying all the models/animations and special fx as required.