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Shadoweyes needs Senior Level Designer (contract/freelance)

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  • Shadoweyes needs Senior Level Designer (contract/freelance)

    Hi, I'm a producer with the indie-short film Shadoweyes - Out of the Shadows, and we're looking for a Senior Level Designer to lead and support our small team of student designers. They're all very talented and clever, but I can't manage them consistently on top of handling the project as a whole. Nor can I answer all of their questions without having a more technical background.

    We need someone who has leadership experience with a strong sense of creative problem solving, by which I mean create the least work for yourself to maintain the highest output at the highest (reasonable) quality. Experience with UDK is a must, as is a rounded knowledge of 3D modeling as a whole. Experience with other 3D platforms is also expected, such as Max, Maya, etc. Since we're not a game project, but a film project using game tools for visual effects purposes it won't have to be playable, just look pretty. Modding experience is a plus.

    Your location doesn't matter, as we're all scattered across the country, and even internationally! I try to hold regular Skype meetings every other week as much to keep up with everyone as to maintain morale.

    Responsibilities would include: delegating jobs among the team members, determining the best course of action to achieve the needed results, and probably supervising, if not handling it yourself, the assembly of assets into UDK environments.

    Right now, everyone is working on this of their own volition, but I'm offering at least 500$ of our budget to whomever takes the position. It's not much, but our project is trying to do a lot with a little. We're raising our budget through Kickstarter with an intended goal of 10k, much of which will be allocated to material costs that cannot be done otherwise. This means, though, that payment will come after the budget has been met and not before. There will be contracts to keep everyone protected.

    I'm looking for someone who can start sooner rather than later, preferably by summer, with meetings before then to plan our work flow. Any interested parties can get in touch with me through my email:

    For more information you can check out our website at