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Trendy Entertainment Needs: Environment Artists & Animators

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  • Trendy Entertainment Needs: Environment Artists & Animators

    Trendy Entertainment Wants You!

    Experienced Unreal 3d Environment Artists & Animators

    About Trendy Entertainment:

    Trendy Entertainment ( -- developer of the acclaimed Action-RPG Dungeon Defenders ( for XBLA, PSN, PC, iOS, and Android, a highly experienced Unreal Engine 3 studio -- is seeking the best and brightest environment artists and animators to join us for our next killer game. This new game, in active development for XBLA, PSN, PC, and mobile, is a revolutionary competitive survival horror experience called AfterLife. We think this small sampling of artwork from the game will give you a good sense of what we're about:

    Finalized AfterLife Character Model Render < Click image to Redirect to Full Resolution >

    Finalized AfterLife Character Model Render < Click image to Redirect to Full Resolution >

    Urban City Environment Concept “Train” < Click image to Redirect to Full Resolution >

    Urban City Concept “High Rise Collapse” < Click image to Redirect to Full Resolution >

    Rural Farm Concept “Night Time Barn” < Click image to Redirect to Full Resolution >

    To be clear, this is a full Unreal Engine 3 title from a veteran team, and we have overhauled the engine to support deferred lighting (among other things) as we did at a previous studio, Ignition Entertainment Florida ( ). Meaning we're working with a highly custom, uber-powerful in-house version of UE3 that enables us to achieve a level of graphic fidelity heretofore unseen in a digital download product.

    These are full-time paid contractor positions on this internally-funded project, though we also are looking for part-time volunteers as may be interested. Only the most ambitious, most talented, and most hard-working individuals need apply. That's who we are

    If you're interested, please get in touch with us at, and we'll look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Job Description: 3D Environment Artist

    As an Environment Artist, you’re responsible for creating the actual game environment assets that will be directly used within the game world. This includes (but not limited to): 3d Mesh Modeling, UV Mapping, Texture Painting, Normal Mapping, Material Creation and Modular Design. You will be collaborating very closely with the Level Designers, Concept Artists and fellow 3D Artists to create aesthetically pleasing environment assets on time, within budget and to specification as directed by the Lead Designer. More importantly, working with your fellow artists to maintain consistency throughout the game world and working with the design team to optimize for framerate and modular design implementation.


    • Solid foundation of creative and artistic abilities with focus on detailed environments.
    • Skilled in traditional industry tools: 3ds Max, Maya or XSI, Photoshop, (ZBrush/Mudbox is a plus)
    • Excellent communication skills are an absolute must! (You will be telecommuting… unless your local to the Gainesville office)
    • Experience in creating and balancing Hand-Painted and photo-realistic texture creation including Diffuse, Specular, Occlusion and Normal mapping.
    • Great Attention to Detail, Color and Composition.
    • Must have an understanding of Modular Mesh Design and how that applies within the Unreal Universe.
    • Must adhere to the technical limitations as set forth by the Level Designers/Tech Artists. (i.e. Poly Limits, Mesh consolidations, Material/Texture specifications)
    • Ability to deliver within budget, on spec and on time as scheduled.
    • Have a basic understanding of the Unreal Engine pipeline& workflow.
    • Have previous work experience with either 1+ years in a professional position, or at least 2+ released mods (this also includes functional school-based projects if you are a student or a recent graduate). This isn’t an exact requirement for admission, however, we do need something in-hand to see your comprehension of the aforementioned skills.

    To Apply:

    Please email us a brief introduction to who you are and a link to your portfolio and/or demo reel and also a summary of any previous projects you have worked on (with links or references).


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    If you would like a creative writer to join your dev team, I might be interested in joining.


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      Excellent screens there. To bad my skills aren't up to par or I'd jump at this. Looks very interesting.


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        Is there a deadline for when the 3D environment Artist position to be closed. I plan to put together a portfolio piece if time permits?


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          Originally posted by Hboybowen View Post
          Is there a deadline for when the 3D environment Artist position to be closed. I plan to put together a portfolio piece if time permits?
          We plan on keeping this job posting open for approximately 6-Weeks (Starting Today: 12/29/2010)

          So for those of you who don't have your portfolios or reels in order, this should give you enough time.


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            Afterlife....just played trough Mass effect 2 with night club named like that. When you finish game like this you can see what UE3 can do. Such a depth with this engine, no wonder why is it industry standart.
            Anyways good work Trendy on next game hopefully you become big studio, while succesful you already are.


            • #7
              Indeed one of the things which makes Unreal so special, is that it can now power games all the way down to simple puzzlers for low-end mobile devices, all the way up to the most graphically intensive, complex high-end games that the AAA industry has to offer. No other engine can touch that sheer versatility



              • #8
                When this turns into a AAA title and you need a community developer - I'm your man, until then, keep up the good work and good luck


                • #9
                  I have sent you an email, talk to you soon

                  Eugene Ivanov


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                    Originally posted by aleuus View Post
                    I have sent you an email, talk to you soon

                    Eugene Ivanov
                    We've sent ya an email back.


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                      Wow that's such an interesting project. Damn. I would work for free for you guys. =p

                      Anyways, best of luck gentlemen!


                      • #12
                        Emailed you guys, you've really gone far and I'm quite impressed--it'd be great to work with you


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                          Thank you guys for your feedback, & we'll be getting back to those who contacted us shortly! And yeah the game's pretty nuts... these little teases aren't the latest & greatest



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                            Originally posted by MorganRoberts View Post
                            We've sent ya an email back.
                            and I have replied and sent one back


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                              Really nice progress and high quality models!

                              I was wondering if you would be able to share more information about the gameplay?

                              How's the project financed?

                              I'd understand if you aren't at a liberty to share any of this, but it would be interesting to know.