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Fallen NightMares Studio - recruting!!!

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    Fallen NightMares Studio - recruting!!!


    We are young team from Czech Republic and we recruting new members...
    Actually we have almost all positions free so when you want join us, just PM me.
    If you want join us you don't must be too skilled but you must not be for nothing...

    Our first project will be based on L4D
    style gaming and it will be done on UDK...
    *playable "Infected" (Zombies) and "Marines" (Humans)
    *"Infected" will have about ten classes (i know its very big target)
    *It will be non-commercial (NOTE: MAYBE IT WILL BE COMMERCIAL!)
    *Single-player campaing will have about 6 (long) missions
    *Multiplayer isn't sure...
    *The environment will be futuristic, some missions in Space, maybe on Earth too
    *"Stealth kills" and "Brutal kills" (that means for example when you press "E"
    when the enemy is weaked, and you will
    finish him off)
    *There will be many single/multi-player mods like Survivor etc...

    Free Positions (will be updated- now they are all free)(positions marked with "*" are needed)(the numbers marks how many positions are free):

    Concept Artist-2*
    Level Designer-2
    Sound Compiler-FULL
    Programer/ScaleForm artist-3*
    Story Writer-FULL
    Modeler-3* (all kind of modeling stuff, that means meshes, characters etc...)
    Texture Artist-1*
    SpeedTree Modeler-1
    Web artist-1

    I doing all from something but i can't do everything alone :P

    For programming you have to use CONtext with UC highlighter because we don't know if our game will be commercial and Visual Studio needs license...
    For modeling you have to use Blender...
    For Textures you have to use Gimp...
    Web artist will create a web on free domain and then we will move it too paid domain...

    If you want join please PM me or write on

    actually the programmer is most needed


      few things...

      Are you working off of the left 4 dead engine? or is your game design suppose to resemble that of L4D?

      If its the first, your posting on the wrong boards. Also, unless your planning on replacing the current implications, L4D is mainly hardcoded, and the source code is only available for licensee's. Meaning that unless you have a license for the engine, important files like population.txt will not be able to be modded. Therefore to create things custom infected (unless its a simple model or texture change) is impossible. My project ran into the same issues, which is one reason why we switched engines. Just a friendly warning

      If that isn't the case, then best of luck


        hm... thanks for warning but it will be done via UDK.... little imposible but....

        EDIT: We want just inspirate with L4D that's all...