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Looking for Programmer for Marble Madness inspired game

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    Looking for Programmer for Marble Madness inspired game

    One of my favorite classic arcade games is Marble Madness. The simple but challenging gameplay, striking abstract world and excellent music always appealed to me as a kid. But it was also a game I always wished I could make my own levels for.

    Video of the arcade version:

    Back when UT2K3 came out I decided to take a stab at making a level that looked like Marble Madness, just by using the same textures and basic architecture. I posted some screenshots of the map in an IRC channel where somebody else took a look and decided to try and see if they could get a Marble rolling around in the world. From that was born Marble Mania 2003 for UT2K3. It had a single player and multiplayer mode and went on to win a couple of places in the Make Something Unreal contest, but the team disbanded shortly after that.

    Video of Marble Mania 2003 for UT2K3:

    With the release of UDK I became interested in taking another stab at the game but my talents/skills are more on the artistic side - level design, textures, music, sound. I've been taking a stab at the programming but it's slow-going so far. Basically I've just got an isometric camera working:


    Videos: and

    The next step is being able to control a Marble instead of a humanoid character. I've been looking through the documentation and forums but haven't gotten a handle on what I need to do yet (yes, other than creating my own GameInfo, PlayerController and Pawn-like class). I've looked at the Whizzle documentation but am having trouble filling in the gaps between the official documentation and that.

    So I'm looking for somebody to help out in the programming department. They should be mature, familiar with the physics engine, hopefully be a fan of the original game and ideally be a practitioner of good development practices like version control, refactoring and automation. I'd be happy with a game that just supports Marble movement and a Goal volume, but we can also take it beyond that if we'd like.

    I would be most impressed by somebody showing me something they programmed themselves, particularly if it includes controlling a sphere.

    Hah!, fun.

    I loved marble madness as a kid, but it was bloody hard.


      I haven't heard from anybody so I've been forging on ahead by myself:


        Good luck

        I find that without a trackball, MM just isn't nearly as fun as it used to be.


          Yeah, part of the fun of MM was getting your ball lined up then rapidly spinning that track ball like there was no tomorrow only to just as quickly do it in another direction so you didn't fall off the edge!

          So far though you have made some great progress.... good work.


            This looks like a fun project, that could be simple enough that I could do some help on while still working on my school stuff. I haven't been able to mess with the UDK much since I got to Auburn University, but I've been meaning to get to playing with it again. I'll throw some code around and see if I can't get some different kinds of ball mechanics going. You said you have an isometric camera, is it as advanced as it needs to be. The one I saw in MM 2k3 videos had some zoom and turning capabilities. Do you have that working already? I'll have to play around with the game to see exactly how it's supposed to work. I'll post back here when I have something worth showing, then maybe we can try and work on putting something together.


              Since nobody was responding with interest I decided to try and figure things out myself. So far I got the marble rolling around. I don't know if I'm going to bother with the rotating/zooming camera this time around. Could be fun to just stick to the classic gameplay.

              I set up a blog here:
              A Git repository here:
              And you can see the additional progress I made in this video:


                I have an interest in checking out what you end up with!!!




                    Me and my team were working on a Marble Madness game -we stopped after a few months when we discovered UDK has a cap on velocity that cannot be shifted and is destroying for these type of games. As a test make a slope put to rigid body balls on is and watch them accelerate to a steady speed and continue at that speed forever.

                    We had impulse based controls as well, which worked - but because we were only moving at a set speed down slopes you could pretty much stop and roll back up.

                    The only way I found to resolve this wierdness was to remove all friction from the ball - now you continually accelerate down slopes as you would expect; however you don't roll you slide and turning is impossible


                      You really don't need a super advanced physics system to recreate Marble Madness. I think MM was done in like 16K of ROM for it's program code, if that.