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Serenity/Firefly Project-Talented Artists Needed

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    Serenity/Firefly Project-Talented Artists Needed


    I have started a project based on the movie Serenity which was a sequel to the television show Firefly, by Joss Whedon. If you've never heard of it, be sure to check it out, it really is great. For those that don't know, it's a Sci-Fi Western focused on a group of people on the spaceship Serenity (a Firefly class cargo ship) that do jobs like smuggling cargo, or stealing from the government. It's a series much beloved by fans--including myself.

    This brings me to the project. I've started a project to build the entire Serenity ship including the interior within UDK and have it setup so that players can explore the whole ship. There can be more involved, with the project. Maybe making a full mission or different environments to explore. But currently it's just to build the whole ship as a playable level.

    I am an Environmental Modeler and I've already done the entire exterior and placed it in UDK. Pictures of that are below and the actual demo is available for download. I have also started working on building the interior, starting with the Bridge.

    Originally I wanted to do everything myself, but more recently I've realized I don't really need to do that. My career focus is on environmental modeling so having someone else help out with the other parts won't hurt anything.

    So here is what I'm looking for:

    Character Artist--Build the full character in Zbrush (or Mudbox) and create a video-game quality model from that. Currently just need 1 character--Malcolm Reynolds (below). I want this detailed so it can be on the higher end of polygon counts--like 15,000-20.000 polys if needed. This is the most important thing I'm looking for, I haven't spent as much time with characters so it would be great to have someone that really knows how to do it. But I really need someone that can do a really good job. As far as other characters, that's a matter of how things are after Malcolm Reynolds is finished. I'd of course love to have all of the 9 main crew members, but I know that's a lot of work.

    Character Animator--This can go with the character modeler if someone is skilled in both areas. But once the Mal Reynolds character is finished it will need to have animations so he can explore the ship. He will need to be fully integrated into UDK since he will be the character you use to explore the ship.

    Concept Artist--I have a lot of other ideas for things that could use some concept art to flesh out. Obviously the ship doesn't need more concept art, but there's stuff beyond that, different places in the universe for the characters to explore.

    Unrealscript Programmer--Eventually I'll need someone who knows how to use unrealscript for a few things.

    Brainstormers--While I think I have some good ideas, I would like some other people to look at them and also come up with new ideas.

    Right now I only have one other person helping in this project, just my friend who's doing the music. This isn't a paid project, if you like the show then you're probably interested in some way. Otherwise, material from this is good for a portfolio. I know that's kinda lame since that's what everyone says, but I'm not doing this for profit either. I enjoy the Serenity/Firefly series a lot and the stuff I'm making is going in my portfolio.

    I have some ideas as to where this could go--but I will say it's not going to end up being something we create to sell. Mainly there's too much work that would be needed for a full game plus since there's the copyright issue.

    I may be looking for more people as the project progresses, but this is what I'm looking for right now. Again the main thing is I need help with character work.

    If you're interested, email me at give examples of work so I can see what your skills are.

    I've also just recently updated the demo of the ship, it should run much better now:

    Download Serenity Demo


      Wouldn't you define serenity as more of a synopsis of Firefly though? I mean they didn't even cover the space nazis in the film, lol. And have you cleared use of IP with Whedon much less parent companies?
      It would certainly be an excellent story to grind on and twist (the history of the crew prior to meeting the Shepard, the good doctor, and his loony sister.) and perhaps you could even convince the current owners of the IP to work with you on it to help their property make them more money? The prospect of more money always helps grease the wheels of collaboration after all...
      Sorry if I sound like a super capitalist pig, but better to work with the creators than get the **** sued out of you 3 days after release. (If they give you that much of a head start...) If nothing else just touching base as professional respect can go a long way as well, if you choose to make it a fan fiction freeware. Otherwise, you are going to work very hard to lose a court case.
      But if you can talk the property owners into giving you the green light I know several people that would love to see your game come out, self included. Because "No power in the verse can stop me..." is still my favorite quote ever from my favorite character ever.
      Sure the enemy may have advanced technology and more troops, they may have entire fleets at their disposal, but they don't have the living weapon of mass destruction that is River Tam.


        Serenity is not even close to a synopsis of Firefly. --for instance you can't even tell that Inara is a prostitute from the movie.

        Main things I think of as far as story is taking place after the movie. Reason for that is that there's only like 6 months that go by between the show and the movie which doesn't give enough time for something big to happen. And before the show you're missing River, Simon, and Shephard Book so it's kind of awkward.

        As far as the IP---again as I said in my first post, I'm not planning on selling this at all, I'm not planning on making a full game, for now it's just making a level where you can walk around Serenity, and it won't be sold.


          If you take things from the ip of the movie or tv show they can sue you for all you could earn at a high paying job during the time you made the game.

          Don't be surprised about the cease and desist letter. (I've seen them come about 3 months in right before a finished up level)
          In fact I can't say I've ever seen a game that's not a mod based on a big ip finish...


            It's possible they could be annoyed. But unlikely. Again, I'm not going to be making any money and there's only been a few IP's where they don't want anything made(like Star Trek). And considering there's Firefly/Serenity fan films getting made I doubt they have a problem with it.


              lol at Nathan Fillion.


                Inara is not a prostitute she's a "ship companion".

                "There's a word for that, I think it's hooker." ~ from the film Grandma's Boy.

                Physical gratification of lonely space travelers is part of her vocation, but it
                is far from her only talent. She is a social espionage specialist as well and an
                important part of her personality is being very angry with being viewed as a
                mere plaything. She views herself as a professional and expects to be
                treated as such, however, people are judgmental little creatures and she
                rarely gets viewed as more than flesh that talks back. Admittedly, this could
                have been developed better in the film.

                If you haven't see the series or film yet it is a good view. Darthviper would
                you suggest new viewers watch the film or series first just as a matter of
                opinion? I would suggest the film for a whirlwind trip of the universe and then
                the series for those who wish to enjoy more of the humor and personality of
                the show myself.

                And I hope you don't peg me as a total jerk for disagreeing with you, just
                my opinions and perspectives take them as you like I guess. And you are
                certainly a talented modeler to create such nice sample work. I wish you
                the best of luck and hope things turn out well for you and this project.


                  I would suggest watching the film and TV series simply because they're really good entertainment. Of course if anyone wants to help with this project it would be useful to having at least watched some of it (watch the TV show before the movie or you'll spoil things).

                  Anyways, I just used the term prostitute since there's no point in telling the whole thing about what she does. But really I didn't get what her job was from the movie and it was kind of surprising when I watched the show after to find out.

                  Anyways--still looking for people to help out. If you're interested at all, be sure to contact me.


                    I thought the movie was basically supposed to cover everything that would have happened in the show?

                    Anyways, this sounds like a good idea. By based on Serenity, do you mean it will be a game version of Serenity, or that it will be covering new ground post-Serenity (perhaps as a new member of the crew?).

                    Could you tell us more about the story you have in mind if it will be post-Serenity, or at least the general direction?


                      I'm guessing they're making super soldiers, kind of like what the Ghosts from Starcraft were supposed to be (exact same deal... send telepathic kids to obscure, top secret "special" school, they become killing machines, etc).

                      Well good luck with the project, you should definitely build on the telepathic soldiers, or assassins, however they were intended to be used by the alliance (probably to instantly put down any future insurrections).


                        No super soldiers--that's a video game cop-out

                        I'm thinking more along the lines of deadly assassins, or some type of surveillance since they can read your mind--more effective than setting up cameras everywhere.


                          Only these few little questions:

                          1. How will you manage with copyright?
                          2. Are you looking to make it a paid project?
                          3. Which is the main mechanic of your game?

                          It's a good project I must admit, but I'm a little bit concerned about it. I liked Firefly a lot and I think you make a very good recreation of the ship too


                            Originally posted by fdslk View Post
                            1. How will you manage with copyright?

                            Slap a © on it and call it yours!

                            Kidding, I'm not in the team.


                              As far as copyright goes--the project isn't a whole lot of stuff, currently it's just building the interior of the ship so that it can be explored as a level. And as such it will be online for free. So it's not making any money. For copyright most studios will allow these type of fan creations as long as the project isn't making any money. Currently there are several Firefly fanfilms, and one only had to get permission simply because they were taking donations for a charity, but otherwise it seems OK.

                              For the demo it'll be third-person type thing. I want players to be able to see the character that they're using.

                              If it were to be a full game--I've considered a lot of different things. Originally I was thinking some type of RPG, but I realized those mechanics really don't work for the story. The characters don't have armor to upgrade, or really very many different types of guns. Plus they're already skilled so there's no point in having an experience system to level them up. So it'd be more of an action game with a strong storyline and a somewhat linear story. There many be different jobs that can be chosen at one time. I'm also considering whether to have a dialogue system, but considering this isn't like a typical RPG where you design your own character--it's not your story, it's the character's stories--so it may not have that option.

                              One particular thing I'd like to see is a sort of modular level design. Where the actual game missions have different ways you can accomplish a goal, but lets say you are supposed to go steal something, and you're 'killed' in a shootout. When you go back to try again, the enemies won't be in the same place, and other things might be different making for a new challenge. Although in an easier game difficulty there might only be one configuration for each mission.