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Real Soccer, looking for programmer/scripter

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  • Real Soccer, looking for programmer/scripter

    Hi, I am the lead developer for an up and coming game titled Real Soccer.

    A little about Real Soccer:

    Real Soccer (attempted) development started around 6 months ago on the source engine. I am an avid fan of the ka_soccer maps for counter-strike:source, but that has limited potential to grow/develop and incredibly small marketing possibility due to the nature of the game (custom maps combined with client side models and server-side scripts, and a decentralized community-based world-wide development team.)

    After a couple of months of tearing hair out editing what are essentially text files and trying to learn c++ and the archaic source mod structure I abandoned the project, and continued to focus on making custom models for ka_soccer and some basic server side scripting for the source engine.

    Once the UDK was announced I immediately downloaded it and instantly fell in love, a few weeks later (a few days of working time) I now have a fully custom player model running (with basic animations) around 1st/3rd person camera angles, a basic stadium created and a few other fun things which I am playing around with.

    The game itself is attempting to be a 1st/3rd person physics based multi-player soccer (european football) game. What makes this game unique compared to titles such as FIFA is you only control one player in a solely multi-player environment, meaning teamwork and individual ball control is paramount. What makes this game unique compared to titles such as Football Superstars is the physics based-nature of the game. Where you hit the ball determines where/how the ball will move, you are not just looking at a team mate and pressing a key to pass to them. What makes this game unique compared to the ka_soccer mod for counterstrike:source is that this will truly be a stand-alone game, not just a mod of another game. Full third person control will be available (as an option) and things like custom models and animations will be paramount to bringing an immersive and most importantly more enjoyable experience to the players.

    Who I am looking for:

    I am ideally looking for a programmer or someone who has a solid grounding in UnrealScript who has a passion for soccer/football and is interested in working on a project such as this. I am more than happy to work with someone who is still learning the engine, however a solid understanding of basic programming principles in the least is required. The ability to work alone for possibly weeks at end without any further guidance is required, and the ability to search through UDK forums, the UDN and various other resources to learn/develop/expand your skills.

    You must be prepared to converse over some form of IM protocol and development forums over many various topics related to the game. You will be primarily responsible for all scripting as I work on various other things such as design, modelling, animating and texturing.

    As an example some of the technical features you will be required to implement will be:
    • Ball-tracking code (the ability to see who has kicked the ball, if someone intercepts/tackles, scores a goal etc)
    • In-game menu's (pretty much all menu's/scoreboards, helping with the HUD if a complex feature is required)
    • Custom game-type (the nuts and bolts of the game, when a ball goes in the net, increase that teams score by one, etc etc, this can be done in kismet which is my current solution however I would like it to be included in the game type)
    • Implementing custom server cvars (for example, custom server cvars for things like the names of the teams, and further custom gameplay options)
    • And the dreaded replication. A solid knowledge of all that is needed to make multiplayer work as it should.

    What you will be offered / Working conditions:

    This is a non-paid for position, ideally suiting a hobbyist, or someone looking to crack into the games industry.

    You will be typically required to have shown some sort of progress on a weekly basis, no matter how small. What I want ideally is someone who is dedicated to the project long-term, and wont disappear in a couple of months. I am looking at a one year dev-cycle, hoping to be in early beta somewhere towards the middle of the year (so the game can be showcased in various indy game expo's).

    In return you will receive the ability to work with someone who is passionate and dedicated to the game, the ability to influence certain game design decisions, the ability to work with someone who will make your code shine, and have a high quality finished product to which you will receive all due credit for.

    I am living in Melbourne Australia and have various industry contacts to which I can present the idea (and already have) and they agree that this game design has massive marketing potential, around the late alpha / early beta stage business dev. and marketing will ramp up massively to get the game out there in the hands of eager players.

    And as a final disclaimer you will retain the IP to any code you write on this project, I am not looking to steal or rip-off anybodies hard work.

    Tristan Pilepich
    Artist/Designer/Developer - Real Soccer