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Hello all from ZCT.... REPOST

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    Hello all from ZCT.... REPOST

    Hello and hows it going... I am lead developer for
    A modification for Call of Duty World at War... Radiant... Boooooo!
    With over 20K+ downloads world wide and the soon to be release ZCT MP2. yaaaaaaa! We've expanded.

    At any rate I just got my hands on UDK and we upgraded our OS's to 64bit Win7 here at ZCT.

    So here is a quick run of what I learned this last week after going over the tutorials...

    1. UDK scale..... EPIC!
    2. UDK swarm.... SICK!
    3. UDK work flow.... Like my aunt.... heavy.
    4. UDK!.... PWNS your mom!

    Good Job Epic.

    Quick 16-20 hour setup, I lost count when it got down to tweeking it....
    and because we just upgraded systems, there was 1 package file that did not get saved so as in the comments of the videos some things are missing and timing is off because of recording codec. bleh. I am working on it, should have it streamlined in a week or so.

    Vid1 - Lights Camera

    Vid2 - Environment test

    Vid3 - Elevator fail

    Vid4 - Elevator success, Player fail.

    And a few tweeks and tests I got something that starts out like...
    well you can see for yourself, There is a reason it's a 1.33 mb download.

    I am looking for talented motivated individuals who are interested in joining our team, with the option of putting 1 or more of the new ZCTUDK projects down on their resume... Contact me